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MCPE/Bedrock Jurassic Addon Public Beta  

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Jurassic Addon Public Beta


Over 60 million years ago, great creatures walked the planet now extinct. From towering giants with long necks to tyrants with bone crushing bites. Now you can bring them back.


Here’s some basic things to know before downloading this Addon.

Fossil Ore:

This is a new ore that generates in every [Y] coordinate in every biome. This is the first step into creating dino’s by collecting fossils.

Right now, you’ll only be able to get two types of fossil because there’s only one creature. 


Next, you will need to get DNA from the fossil. First, destroy the fossil.

Next, you need to craft some syringes and storage disks.

Then, you need to take the blood out of the broken fossil.

Once you’ve got the blood, you need to level up the storage disks with each syringe.

After that, take a EMPTY syringe and take out the DNA.

Finally, take the DNA and craft it with a chicken egg. That’s how you get the spawn egg!


Right now there are two custom weapons that have been added. The ToothSpear and the fossil ToothSpear.

The ToothSpear has 6 attack damage with 200 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a carnivore tooth.

The Fossil ToothSpear has a little bit less damage but more durability. 6 attack and 500 durability. It can be crafted with two sticks and a fossil carnivore tooth.


At the start of this beta, there is one dinosaur, that being is the dilophosaurus.

This carnivore has 9 attack damage with the speed of a wolf. About 2 blocks tall and 6 blocks in length. 

They can be tamed with cooked meat, (except for fish and rabbit) and tamed with raw meet.

Also, they can be leashed, but since the hitbox is unfixed right now, it will be a challenge.

That’s all for the Addon right now, soon more creatures and bug fixes will be released so you can have a better time making dinos.




  • Only change code for personal use.
  • Don't copy this Addon and claim it as your own.
  • Don't make your own download link, use the one on this site.
  • You can use this in your videos, but please give us credit.

creator: Dilophosaurus Studios



Posted : 05/08/2020 7:11 pm