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MCPE/Bedrock Modern Blocks Add-on  

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Modern Blocks Add-on


Build a better modern world, design your house, buildings, office and any other structures with these new decorative modern blocks. Such as modern furniture that can customize its color, tiles with different pattern design and more!



Tiles are added in the game to make a better flooring in your structures

Floor Tile

This is recipe shapeless

Blue Tile

This is recipe shapeless

Pool Tile

A block can be used in flooring the pools

Stone Pebbles

A block that can be used for flooring outside

Pool Liner

This block can be used in side top part of the pool

Uses Example:

It looks more realistic pool right?

Tile Pattern

You can add different unique pattern design in Tiles using Tile Pattern  (This is Item). Combine Tile Pattern in Floor Tile or Blue Tile in crafting table and the tile will have a pattern. These are recipe shapeless

Basketweave Pattern

Brick Pattern

Hopscotch Pattern

Palazzo Pattern

Plastic Blocks

There are also plastic blocks that comes in all 16 different colors. This blocks can be used to craft different Plastic Furnitures

Before crafting plastic blocks you need to get Crude Oil. So you must enable Education Edition in the game for recipes of plastic blocks.

In case you don’t know how to get Crude Oil, here is the recipe in Compound Creator.

Crude Oil

Smelt Crude Oil in Blast Furnace to make it Liquid Plastic. Note that it can only smelt in Blast Furnace

Liquid Plastic

Now you have Liquid Plastic, here’s the recipe to make it plastic block.

Plastic Block

Use any dye in center and it will turn into that color.

Modern Furnitures

Use plastic blocks to make 4 different Furnitures that can customize its color.

Modern Bookshelf

The color of plastic blocks top part of recipe grid will be the color of top of the Modern Bookshelf.


Just same in Modern Bookshelf the color of plastic blocks in top part of recipe grid will be the color of the desk

Before crafting cabinet and drawer you need plastic door or plastic trapdoor for the recipe.

Plastic Door

Plastic Trapdoor

Note that these are just an item and they cannot be placed, because its not yet possible to add custom doors/trapdoors.



Wooden Cabinet

There’s also a wooden cabinet

Plastic Checkered Tiles

Using Plastic Blocks you can make it checkered tiles. Just use 4 same color of plastic blocks and it will turn into checkered tile according to that color.

Other Blocks

There are more decorative blocks

Road Block

This is recipe shapeless

Caution Block:

Drainage Block


There 2 types of spotlight, that is facing downward and facing upward. It produces light


A decorative block, can be used as trashcan decoration

Some screenshots build with this add-on

Terms of use

  • Do not repost in any website or apps
  • Do not steal any textures in this add-on and add into your own project. You can only use for personal use.
  • If you want to make a video showcase of this add-on atleast credit me and put the proper download link in mcbedrock




When use

  • Requires Experimental Gameplay to toggle on
  • Requires Education Edition to toggle on for the recipe of plastic blocks

When downloading:

  • Just deny all incoming notification permission
  • Wait 5 secs then skip ads
  • In mobile devices if adfly force you to open notification before you can go to direct link, enabled desktop site to skip it.
  • If there's a new tab that pop-up just close it.



Posted : 05/07/2020 11:37 am