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MCPE/Bedrock Parkour Concept Pack  

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Parkour Concept Pack


Are you a parkour enthusiast? If the answer is “yes”, this pack will definitely improve your parkour experience! It added some basic functions such as jump count, speedrun timer, precise checkpoint etc. Feel free to use this pack to create an interesting parkour map!



Please turn on cheat before you enter the world. Or else the pack won’t work.

This pack is multi-player friendly!

Functions list:

Jump count (optional): You can type “/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar (or list) jump” to show everyone’s current jump count.

Gamemode switch (hold/right click): Can be obtained by typing “/tag @p add admin” in chat. You can remove it by “/tag @p remove admin”

Checkpoint returner (hold/right click): Can only be obtained in adventure mode.

Checkpoint setter (hold/right click): Can only be obtained in adventure mode and you need to type “/tag @p add auth” in chat. You can remove it by “/tag @p remove auth”. This function will set a very precise checkpoint, which means it is fine for you to set checkpoint anywhere except in mid-air.

Facing lock: You can throw out your checkpoint setter to get your facing fixed. Facing lock will automatically be removed once you set a new checkpoint. This will be really useful when it comes to test hard jumps.

Sponge: If you step on it, your checkpoint will get updated.

Bedrock: If you step on it, it will teleport you back to your checkpoint.

Timer: will be activated for players who are speedrunning, the time will be displayed in the actionbar up to two decimal places.

Noteblock: Normal speedrun starting point, if you return to checkpoint during the run, your speedrun will get cancelled.

Jukebox: Hard parkour speedrun starting point, your run won’t get cancelled if you return to checkpoint, But it will update your checkpoint to prevent cheating.

Redstone lamp: Speedrun end point.

Course name display (optional): You might want to add a name to your course, if so, you can type /summon pk:text “name of your course” in chat at the end point (redstone lamp) of your parkour course. This will display the name of your course when someone finished their run.

Cancel speedrun item (hold/right click): Can be obtained when doing a hard parkour speedrun.

Sound effect (optional): You might want to add some ambient sound effects! In order to do that, type “/tag @e[name=console] add sound” in chat. You can also disable it by doing “/tag @e[name=console] remove sound”




Once you downloaded the zip file, unzip it and you should find a document called "announcement.txt" There are some very important information in this document and I highly recommend you read through it. Thank you!



Posted : 10/08/2020 5:01 pm