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MCPE/Bedrock Plushies! Add-on  

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Plushies! Add-on

This add-on adds more than 80 plushies in the game and they can be used as decorations. That includes almost all passive and hostile mobs and also a number of MCPE content creators and players.

How does it work?
All of the plushies are added entities and their main use is to decorate your worlds. There are loads of different variations including everything from ones based on Minecraft mobs to those based on content creators.


New Villager plushie! ( All 105 individual variants )

To get your desired variant, hold an item and interact with them. This also works for the new zombie villagers. You’ll need to give them a biome first:

  • Desert – sand
  • Jungle – jungle log
  • Plains – grass
  • Savanna – acacia log
  • Snow – snow
  • Swamp – slime ball
  • Taiga – spruce log 

This feature is not availabe for the new zombie villagers, due to lack of textures. To give them an occupation, use these items:

  • Armorer – iron chestplate
  • Butcher – raw porkchop
  • Cartographer – empty map
  • Cleric – glass bottle
  • Farmer – wooden hoe
  • Fisherman – fishing rod
  • Fletcher – bow
  • Leatherworker – leather tunic
  • Librarian – book
  • Nitwit – dead bush
  • Shepherd – white wool
  • Stonemason – stone
  • toolsmith – iron axe
  • weaponsmith – iron sword

Take a look at every single one of them!


The old villagers now have another upgrade, their variants ore now compressed. To customize villagers, use these items:

White variant – white wool

Brown variant – brown wool

Purple variant – purple wool

Butcher variant – bonemeal

Smith variant – Ink sac


To reset and return your items, simply use a shear to start all over again.


Updated features!


New update allows some of the plushies to be posable!

The entities in these images are allowed to be posable like the armor stand, sneak before interacting with them to do so.



The loot tables have been updated and you can obtain your plushy back after killing it.

The image provided is only an example, all plushies can drop what they’re supposed to drop.

New behaviors

Bee plushie

  • Can be interacted to change from calm to angry and vice versa

Snow golem plushie

You can obtain the pumpkin from its head by interacting with it

You can equip the snow golem plushy with the pumpkin and allow it to wear it again.

New additions


  • Lazy panda plushie
  • Playful panda plushie
  • Worried panda plushie
  • Bee plushie
  • Brown mooshroom plushie


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • Do not use this add-on to mislead other people such as clickbait and other misleading titles, especially to earn money off of this content.
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCBedrock 



Posted : 06/11/2019 3:06 pm