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MCPE/Bedrock Solar Tools: Weapons

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Solar Tools: Weapons


Unleash the might of the sun with the Solar Weapons Addon for Minecraft! Immerse yourself in a new dimension of gameplay as you wield four incredible solar-powered weapons that harness the raw energy of the sun itself. Whether you're exploring the depths of caves or defending against mobs, these weapons will be your trusty companions in the world of Minecraft.

Solar Gas Thrower

Watch as your enemies are engulfed in searing solar flames with the Solar Gas Thrower. This powerful ranged weapon emits a stream of solar gas, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Perfect for crowd control and asserting dominance over your adversaries.



Lazer Gun 


Blast through the darkness with the Lazer Gun, a futuristic solar-powered firearm that shoots concentrated beams of solar energy. Take down mobs with precision or engage in epic battles with this high-tech addition to your arsenal.


Solar Sword

Infuse your melee combat with the power of the sun using the Solar Sword. With each swing, the Solar Sword releases a burst of solar energy, dealing extra damage to foes and leaving them in awe of your radiant might. Light up the night and fend off the darkness with this dazzling weapon.



 Solar Pickaxe

Mine through blocks with unmatched efficiency using the Solar Pickaxe. Channel the solar energy to unleash a forceful blast that clears obstacles in your path. Gather resources with ease and reshape the world around you as you wield this extraordinary pickaxe.



Get the Lazer gun from nature Category 

Harness the power of the sun and become a true solar warrior with this addon


What's new?

New weapons Adjustments: 

Solar Sword

  • Increased attack damage.
  • Added a burning effect to enemies hit by the sword.
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