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MCPE/Bedrock Valhalla Guards  

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Valhalla Guards


Hey all,


Part of my villager overhaul for my realm and i thought people would love this. Adds two new mobs the guard and archer. They spawn naturally and babies can grow up to be them!


Hate how nitwits/jobless villagers are useless? Well now if you interact with them and equip a shield they become a guard or archer randomly!


Have too many archers? Interact with them and equip an Iron Sword to change them to a Guard!


Have too many Guards? Interact with them and equip a Crossbow to change them to a Archer!

They should spawn naturally 5% guard, 5% archer, and 5% nitwit. 
Babies have a chance to grow up into either a guard or archer. Same as any other villager.



Known Bugs/Currently Working on

  1. Guard sword always displays. I am using vindicator functionality across the board. The sword is just there don’t know I’m going to have to rewrite the whole entity.
  2. Archers run right up to enemies, animations don’t work, and they suck. Same as above. Working on making them stronger but I’m worried if i fix them running up to enemies they’ll be strong so making them strong now will break it later.
  3. Currently looking into changing the guards back into villagers.



Q:Are you going to keep updating this?

A:Yes, I think this is awesome.

Q: Can i upload this to my site?

A: Yes, if you use my links.

Q: Can I use your code/models?

A: No.

Q: I think something should be in this/I have a special request.

A: Let me know if I’m interested I’ll get to it right away, if not I” try to get to it.





I use Linkvertise because of the current world situation. It's a simple website that supports me and my work. You'll have to watch a video(1:08), add a tool to chrome(then immediately delete it, right click the little circle at top right), look at some adds and just click the (X) at the top right wait then do again, or wait 10 secs. It'll be a combination of any of these. I want to thank you for downloading and supporting me!




Posted : 18/05/2020 1:59 pm
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Hey all if you're downloading this, it has been updated! The download links are correct but this page does not reflect the current update. 

Guards and Archers now share functionality, models, and textures.
Guards/Archers no longer have an inventory for you to access.
Interact with a jobless Villager, while holding a shield, to change them into Guards or Villagers. This will be decided randomly.
Interact with Guards, while holding a Crossbow, to change them into Archers.
Interact with Archers, while holding an Iron Sword, to change them into Guards.
Interact with Guards/Archers, while holding a bell, clock, or campfire, to change their movement states to Bell=Garrison(roams the inside of the city), Clock=Positioned(Will not move, be knocked back, and cannot be pushed by player model, and Campfire=Patrol(Will move around the outskirts of the village)
Hold their current movement mode interact item to tempt them. If no movement mode was selected hold any and them and you will tempt them.


This was broken and I have applied a mini update 

What was Fixed?
Guards, Archers, and Iron Golems no longer attack each other if they accidentally hurt each other.
When turning Guard or Archer back into a villager they will now correctly transform into the correct biome villager.
When changing a guard to archer and vise versa you now need the correct item.

What is still buggy/broken
Animations. Ill get to it.
When changing guards/Archers back into villagers they act funny and you cant transform them back into Guards or Archers. To fix this just get them to get a profession then they will be at default behaviors.



P.S. If you're a site admin to update this page or want to see the updated page, it is currently awaiting approval, but it should be live tomorrow 5/23/2020 @

Posted : 22/05/2020 8:14 pm