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MCPE/Bedrock Find The Button - Craziness Edition

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Find The Button - Craziness Edition


Welcome to find the button (Craziness Edition)

Your goal is to find the button (Obviously), each level will be more and more difficult. The map currently only has 8 levels, I plan to add more in the future, have fun!


This map currently contains 10 levels, there are no hints, do your best.

Level 1:

Level one is just a simple island.

Level 2:

It's a normal house, nothing interesting.

Level 3:

Just a normal enchantment table.

Level 4:


Very epic jungle, just don't forget to look for the button.

Level 5:

Can you find the button on this map? Don't get tricked.

Level 6:

This one is a bit tricky, but there are no hints.

Level 7:

This one might take you some time.

Level 8:

This one is easier.

Level 9:

This is everyone's dream, this is basically diamond and emerald, but don't think it will be easy.

Level 10:

Hmm... Water? Well good luck.

creator: newWASD



How To Download

  1. Click the "Download" Button
  2. You will be sent to linkvertise
  3. Click on "Free Access With Ads"
  4. Wait 5 seconds and click the "X"
  5. You did it!
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