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MCPE/Bedrock Husky's Find the Button

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Husky's Find the Button


Husky’s find the button is a find the button map created by SpaceHusky. It has a total of 5 stages which are: Wool world, Dead world, The Mine, The Nether, The End.

There will be more stages in the future so stay tuned! The wool world is a normal overworld but covered in wool. The dead world is an overworld type stage but the leaves on the trees are replaced with mangrove leaves to make them look dead. The mine is a cave type stage with ores, lava & minecarts. The Nether is a stage with all the Nether biomes except for the Soul sand valley and the Basalt deltas biomes. The End is an outer end islands type stage with chorus and a house made out of blocks you would find in an end city.
Created by: SpaceHusky



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