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MCPE/Bedrock Optimum Realism R14 - Ultra HD Realistic & RTX: Bedrock Edition Resource Pack

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Optimum Realism R14 - Ultra HD Realistic & RTX: Bedrock Edition Resource Pack

A glimpse of the renowned Java Edition resource pack - Optimum Realism in Bedrock Edition with Raytracing!
Optimum Realism is a realistic performant resource pack which was originally created for Java Edition.

This version of the resource pack aims to bring you a glimpse of the Java Edition pack - Optimum Realism. Optimum Realism is an FPS-friendly realistic Minecraft resource pack.



Trailer of the Java Edition version of the resourcepack:

Many people love Bedrock and its well-optimised environment, and all Optimum Realism stands for is an equilibrium between quality and performance. So why not have it on Bedrock Edition, even if not everything can be the same?

Playing with the Bedrock Edition is an entirely different feeling, in fact, they're made out of two different programming languages too; Java and C++. Their GUI, shows two different styles, one nostalgic and still the classic which everyone loves, and the other modern and simple, to fit both tastes.

Even though they are both Minecraft, they both have a vast difference between them. Their base code, the way they're made, the game mechanics, the level of customisation, and the controls, it almost feels like a different game.

The Bedrock Edition version is, however, newer and hence the reason it supports RTX despite Java Edition being the popular choice and Optimum Realism wanting to expand its support towards Bedrock has chosen this step for a very long time. It'll not include all the features of the Java Edition version, but it'll be enough for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Optimum Realism: Java Edition in Minecraft Bedrock with RTX.





Links to download the pack are given below. 
This is the BRTX version of the Java Edition resource pack - Optimum Realism. Hence the BRTX version does not contain many blocks and is still in an experimental stage. Please keep your suggestions open-minded in regard to this.

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