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MCPE/Bedrock Chunk Survival

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Chunk Survival

You’re stuck inside of 1 chunk, and you’re blocked off by barriers, your goal: find a teleporter to exit the chunk. Various chests are hidden all around the chunk. 1 secret way is unknown for you, but if you do figure it out, you can escape the chunk, without finding the teleporter. Beating the ender dragon is possible. This is Chunk Survival.


You’re trapped in this area, you have almost all the resources you need within this very chunk. You can escape this place, but how will you get back? In chunk survival, you’re in a normal survival world, an infinity one, nearby a village. You can’t reach it, near you is but a single tree, 2 dubs (double chests) and a lot of fern, grass and some flowers.                 

All you begin with, is a simple tree, and a book. The book contains some more information about the map that may not have been mentioned here. This is normal survival, except you’re in a chunk, and there are but 2 ways to get out. A teleporter is hidden somewhere within this chunk you’re stuck in, and there’s another way for you to escape the chunk, without finding the teleporter, if you can think of it, and if you can get enough “volcanic rock”. “volcanic rock” is just a hint of what you’ll need for it.

This map is completely mod-free, and add-on-free, made with just pure commands, so that won’t exist.


Here are some tips for how to play:
1) There are various chests hidden all around the world. 

2) Mobs are key; use them to gain infinite “iron”.

3) Mob spawning rules in this map and all vanilla+commands maps are:

-You must be 24 blocks away from wherever the mob needs to spawn.

-You can not be further than 128 blocks from wherever the mob spawns.

-And of course, mobs can’t spawn in light.

4) To obtain food, you can use the listed methods, as tips.

-Wheat Growing,

-Animals; to get animals to spawn you need light and I believe to stay a little bit away.

5) You cannot get villagers, until you have escaped the chunk, use the unknown technique, or the teleporter.

Ways to exit the chunk:

There are approximately 3 ways to exit the chunk, without you executing any commands, or any mob.

Firstly, is the secret way, for this, you’ll require gravel, and a metallic substance (still, these are hints to make them as close as possible to reality)

Secondly, this is a way to escape the chunk that I haven’t talked about yet so far, for this, you need redstone.

Thirdly, the way of exiting through the teleporter.


If you find any other ways, please dm me on discord, a link is down below. 

If you’ve gotten out through all those ways, or atleast thought them, dm me also.

Any bugs are to also go to the discord.

For more information, please ask us exactly what you want to know on the discord.


1. Download the file.

2. Open file with Minecraft.

2a. If 2 doesn’t work, press “share” on the file and select Minecraft.

Swapping to a .zip: Simply rename the extension to .zip instead of .mcworld





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