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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft Survival Island Map

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Minecraft Survival Island Map


This is a survival island map. This map has many plants, sea, lava mountains. Moreover, this map has jungle biomes and desert biomes. The ocean on this map is very deep. This map is one of the best maps to play in survival mode. You will see water and water around this island. There is nothing but water around. There is a lava mountain in the middle of this map. A lot of lava in its depths. This map is for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Will support different versions besides version 1.19. Moreover, this map will support all new versions. Such as: 1.20 and others. 

Survival Island

This map is much bigger as you can see in the picture. Moreover, there is a lot of water under it, which is very deep. This is the adventure map of Minecraft game.

There is a big hill in the middle of the jungle. Mountain Lava can be very useful in survival mode. Besides, you will see many types of animals on this island map. 

Bedrock Version


A few things have been changed in the bedrock version of this map. In this map you will get the option to play in survival mode. Additionally, orange colored glass was used on top of the lava.

Here is a mangrove swamp biome. Moreover, there is a beautiful pond here. Next to this pond you will see some big cactus trees. This map is better quality map than the Java version. Which you can understand by playing.

Here is a chest box to play in survival mode. There are many types of items in this chest box. Which will help to play in survival mode.




To install the add-on you need to paste the files in the resource pack. Then go to Minecraft Resource Pack and activate it.

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