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MCPE/Bedrock One Blocco Revamped!

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One Blocco Revamped!

One Blocco is basically just sky block but you're only standing on one block. To get resources, you have to mine/destroy the block you're standing on at the beginning and you will get specific random items that fits the survival of skyblock.

  • How to Play

You will spawn on one block and you have to mine/destroy the block to get more resources. Don't worry, its unlimited and the items won't fall off.

Expand your island with your friends and don't fall off with your items! 

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What's New?

  • Trading Hall
  • New Introduction and start button
  • Falling off to the void will give you a punishment 
  • More blocks and Mobs 
  • Added currency "Money" 
  • More multiplayer friendly 
  • Fixed and removed the problem of players being stuck above 0 0 0


  • Added Trading Hall 
  • Added Currency
  • Removed and Fixed the problem of players being stuck at 0 0 0
  • Fixed 1 second delay of blocks appearing to 0 second delay
  • Reworked the introduction
  • Added more blocks 
  • Added more mobs


Click the download button. After downloading it, press the file and press the minecraft logo and it will automatically install the world.


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