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MCPE/Bedrock Simple Skyblock

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Simple Skyblock


Simple Skyblock is a survival map based on classic skyblock but it adds a twist - 8 new islands. Each of them contains various loot including resource generators and bosses.

You will spawn on a classic skyblock island where you will find 2 buckets - one with water and the other one with lava. Your goal is to bridge to other islands.

Warden Island

The Warden Island contains a warden spawner. Wardens can now drop many new things including: sculk sensors, shriekers, diamond tools, diamonds, emeralds, netherite scrap.

Triple Islands

Triple Islands contain useful loot. You can find an iron generator there.

Nether Island

The Nether Island contains a boss that drops a special sword.

Jungle Island

The Jungle Island contains frogs and some useful loot.

Desert Island

Here you can find a redstone generator.

End Island

Here you can enter the end if you collect all the eyes.

creator: TEV Studio

Topic starter Posted : 14/07/2022 3:10 pm