18th November 2021
Bedrock News
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PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft Beta:

  • Joining the beta will replace your game with a work-in-progress version of Minecraft
  • You will not have access to Realms and will not be able to join non-beta players while you’re previewing the beta
  • Any worlds played while in the beta cannot be opened in previous versions of the game, so please make copies of worlds to prevent losing them
  • Beta builds can be unstable and are not representative of final version quality
  • The beta is available only on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions.

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the food cooldown visual not being semi-transparent on the HUD (MCPE-55206)
  • Ruined Portals under Ocean and Swamp biomes are no longer waterlogged and will spawn dry
  • Primed TNT will no longer explode when spawned using ‘/summon’ and the TNT Explodes game rule is disabled (MCPE-49044)
  • Capped the freezing range of the Frost Walker enchantment to 8 blocks to avoid server unresponsiveness
  • Farmer Villagers now do not pick up more than 8 stacks of items (MCPE-123412)
  • Offset Maps held in hand relative to the screen’s aspect ratio so it always stays close to the screen’s edge and remains fully visible
  • Fixed Monster Spawners that sometimes stopped spawning mobs when the chunks they were placed in were reloaded (MCPE-142285)
  • The ‘Iron Belly’ achievement can once again be unlocked (MCPE-146036)
  • Fixed Structure Blocks infinitely spawning the same entities when loading a structure (MCPE-137617)
  • Players can no longer be hurt by their own armor enchantments such as Thorns (MCPE-142735)
  • Food once again applies effects when eaten


  • Water blocks near edges should now flow properly
  • Fire can no longer be placed on top of Lightning Rods
  • The width of Walls connecting to Candles is now correct (MCPE-141156)
  • Improved the animation of falling blocks entities (e.g. Sand and Gravel) (MCPE-142010)
  • Big Dripleaf, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters no longer break in Structure Blocks
  • Amethyst Clusters are now properly destroyed when the supporting block is destroyed (MCPE-126076)
  • Copper Blocks and variants now oxidize in the Nether (MCPE-134954)
  • Big Dripleaf placement has been restricted to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium (MCPE-123392)
  • Pointed Dripstone can now only be placed on full faces of blocks
  • Glow Lichen is now oriented the correct way when placed
  • Magma Blocks no longer deal damage when FireDamage gamerule is set to false (MCPE-99718)
  • Player can now use emotes on scaffolding (MCPE-147624)
  • Players no longer have problems moving after respawning or getting out of bed


  • Villagers, Rabbits, and Foxes spawned in the Frozen and Jagged Peaks biomes now spawn as their respective snowy variants (MCPE-119561)
  • Goats now spawn in the Jagged Peaks and Frozen Peaks biomes (MCPE-146886)


  • Fixed a camera issue when entering a Bed while still in glide mode (MCPE-117339)
  • Fixed lighting bugs when removing light sources after returning to the Overworld from other dimensions (MCPE-145828)
  • Updated textures for multiple blocks and items to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition (MCPE-127539)


  • Fixed coin purchases not updating displayed coin amount until after relaunching the game

User Interface

  • Fixed the Achievements button not being accessible when scrolling up on the Pause Screen
  • “Invite to game” and Crown buttons on the Pause Screen now have a white border when focused with custom resolution
  • Fixed the height of the scrolling content panel on the Marketplace sidebar navigation to display the scrolling bar for varying device resolutions
  • Fixed a redundant ” – ” beside the player’s username is seen after adding them to friends (MCPE-105464)

World Generation

  • Fixed Mesa and Frozen Ocean biomes having inconsistent generation on Realms
  • The old Bedrock layer between y=0 and y=4 in old chunks is now replaced with Deepslate when upgrading old worlds (MCPE-147373)
  • Copper Ore can now generate in Deepslate variant in Dripstone Caves (MCPE-144800)

Vanilla Parity

  • Adjusted the “otherside” music disc to give off a Redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition (MCPE-145751)
  • Adjusted the “Pigstep” music disc to give off a Redstone signal of 13 to match Java Edition (MCPE-74030)
  • The Bow’s shaking animation now only appears when the Bow is fully drawn


  • The ‘/effect’ command no longer has the redundant argument ’empty’ (MCPE-62903)

Performance and Stability

  • Added log messages to help identify the cause of the BDS crash (BDS-12751)

Technical Updates

Add-ons and Scripting

  • Fixed custom food behaviours not being replicated to guest clients


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an animation controller referenced itself as one of its “animations”


  • The ‘/spreadplayers’ command no longer hangs when given a high spread range (MCPE-137793)
  • Fixed a bug that caused performance drops when using the ‘/tag’ command (MCPE-139609)

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Updated documentation for BlockExplosionResistance
  • Updated documentation for BlockFrictionComponent
  • Updated documentation for BlockMaterialInstances
  • Updated documentation for BlockBreathabilityComponent
  • Updated documentation for CraftingTableComponent
  • Updated documentation for BlockLightFilterComponent
  • Changed BlockLightDescription JSON name from “minecraft:block_light_absorption” to “Minecraft:block_light_filter” and field name from “block_light_absorption” to “block_light_filter”

Data-Driven Entities

  • Fixed many missing “Description” entries in the documentation
  • Added AI Goals documentation for “behavior.move_to_liquid” and “behavior.move_to_block”
  • Added AI Goals documentation for missing parameters of “behavior.tempt”, “behavior.rise_to_liquid_level”, and “behavior.random_fly”
  • Added Components documentation for missing parameters of “movement.sway”
  • Fixed some typos and inconsistencies in the Entities documentation

Data-Driven Items

  • Updated documentation for BlockCollisionComponentDescription
  • Changed BlockCollisionComponentDescription JSON name from “entity_collision” to “block_collision”
  • Updated documentation for FuelItemComponent
  • Renamed DamageableItemComponent to DurabilityItemComponent
  • Updated documentation for BlockRaycastComponent
  • Updated documentation for FoodItemComponent
  • Changed SaturationModifier in FoodItemComponent to take a float instead of a string

Feature Placement

  • Optimization of geode feature placement. Reduces the compute cost of geode feature placement


  • The “controlling_seat” field on “minecraft:rideable” now works as intended for both Boats and Horses
  • Mobs riding other mobs and pathing towards a target will no longer wiggle back and forth along their path
  • Match tool conditions now work on mobs (Experimental)


  • Fixed arrow operator to return 0 if the left side is not a valid entity or item, rather than causing the entire expression to return 0
    • For example, if bis not valid variable.a = variable.b->variable.c will now assign 0 to variable.a
    • This is not a Molang Versioned Changebecause no known content is currently using the arrow operator

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the width or height of a mob’s hitbox to a negative value
  • Fixed an issue where ticking areas would occasionally skip a tick
  • The Content Log History panel is now accessible from the second player in split-screen without crashing the game

Experimental Features

Block Components

  • Fixed BlockPartVisibilityComponent for multiplayer by adding network save/load tags (MCPE-141908)

GameTest Framework

There are some important breaking changes in APIs creators should be aware of:

  • Renamed mojang-minecraft:Worldobject to mojang-minecraft:world (World still exists but is the type instead of the instance of the world)
    • In practice, this means “World.getDimension” code should now read “world.getDimension”
  • Removed mojang-minecraft:Commands- Instead, we are adding runCommand methods on dimension, entity, and player
    • In practice, this means that “Commands.run(“say Hello World”, dimension)” should now read “dimension.runCommand(“say Hello World”)”

Many exciting new API adds, as well:

  • mojang-minecraft:ItemStack
    • Item use events:
      • Added event World.event.beforeItemUse – Fires before an item is used. Can be cancelled
      • Added event World.event.itemUse – Fires when an item is used and the before event is not cancelled
      • Added event World.event.beforeItemUseOn – Fires before an item is used on a block. Can be cancelled
      • Added event World.event.itemUseOn – Fires when an item is used on a block and the before event is not cancelled
    • Note that the following definition events only function with data driven items created as part of the Holiday Creator Features experiment:
      • Added event World.event.beforeItemDefinitionEvent – Fires before an Item definition event is processed. Can be cancelled
      • Added event World.event.itemDefinitionEvent – Fires when the Item definition event is processed and the before event is not cancelled
      • Added method triggerEvent(eventName : String) – Triggers an event on the ItemStack if an event with the given eventName, as defined in the Items JSON file
    • mojang-minecraft:Entity
      • Added runCommandmethod to run a command as an entity
      • Added dimensionproperty to get the dimension the entity is in
      • Added function addTag(tag: string): bool- Adds a tag to this entity. Returns true if the tag does not already exist
      • Added function hasTag(tag: string): bool- Returns true if the tag exists on this entity
      • Added function removeTag(tag: string): bool- Removes a tag from this entity. Returns true if the tag was removed
      • Added function getTags(): string[] – Returns all tags on this entity
      • Added target property to Entity. targetrepresents the Entity that this Entity is currently targeting, for purposes such as AI targeting
      • Added function getEntitiesFromViewVector(options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[]` – Gets all entities that intersects the ray from the entities view vector
      • Added function getBlockFromViewVector(options: BlockRaycastOptions): Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray from the entities view vector
    • mojang-minecraft:Dimension
      • Added runCommandmethod to run a command in a dimension
      • Added function getEntitiesFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[]- Gets all entities that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction
      • Added function getBlockFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: BlockRaycastOptions) : Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction
    • mojang-gametest:Test
      • Added getDimensionto get the dimension in which the test is being ran
    • mojang-gametest:ScriptSimulatedPlayer
      • Added function giveItem(itemStack: ItemStack, selectSlot: boolean)
      • Added function setItem(itemStack: ItemStack, selectSlot: boolean, slot: number)
      • GameTestExtensions – Removed function giveItem

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4413896443021

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