1st December 2021
Bedrock News
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PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft Beta:

  • Joining the beta will replace your game with a work-in-progress version of Minecraft
  • You will not have access to Realms and will not be able to join non-beta players while you’re previewing the beta
  • Any worlds played while in the beta cannot be opened in previous versions of the game, so please make copies of worlds to prevent losing them
  • Beta builds can be unstable and are not representative of final version quality
  • The beta is available only on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions.

It’s time for another Bedrock Beta! As always, we really appreciate all the feedback you send to aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback and please search and report any bugs you may find at bugs.mojang.com.

Experimental Features

  • Added new experimental toggle “The Wild Update”
    • The Sculk block features are now accessible by enabling this toggle
    • More features to come in future betas. This is only the beginning!

Non-Experimental Features and Bug Fixes

World Generation

  • The bottoms of hoodoos in Eroded Badlands biomes no longer make flat ceilings in caves underneath (MCPE-146984)
  • Lily Pads no longer get placed in aquifers under Swamp biomes (MCPE-125913)
  • Fossils can now be generate below Y=0, with Deepslate Diamond Ore Blocks instead of Coal Ore Blocks (MCPE-144065)
  • Fossils will no longer generate floating in caves or water
  • Mineshafts now always generate above the Bedrock layer (MCPE-147575)
  • Biome decoration features in cave biomes now have similar frequency as Java Edition


  • Furnaces now consistently output the expected amount of items after completing a smelt (MCPE-126004)
  • Light Block light intensity can now be incremented periodically while holding right-click/interact (MCPE-137647)
  • Light Block light intensity can now be changed on touch-input devices
  • The teleport command will no longer succeed when ‘checkForBlocks’ is true and the destination is obstructed
  • Fixed first person off-hand Shield blocking animation (MCPE-125340)
  • Fixed first person blocking animation while dual wielding Shields


  • Axolotl walk animations are now affected by speed (MCPE-131322)
  • Wolves will now correctly react to being damaged
  • Mobs can once again jump over blocks to pick up items
  • Item data no longer gets corrupt when items are placed in mobs’ hands (MCPE-145034)

User Interface

  • Fixed tab order on Settings menu when navigating with gamepad bumpers
  • Removed double space spelling issues on several screens, including the Feedback prompt (MCPE-104037)
  • Fixed an issue with Screen Reader on the “Save purchase to a Microsoft Account” screen

Vanilla Parity

  • Raid boss bar says now displays “Raid – Victory” and Fireworks are launched from the ground after a raid is defeated (MCPE-51267)


  • Added a warning prompt explaining potential loss of data when setting File Storage Location to External on Android devices

Technical Updates

Stability and Performance

  • Improved performance when executing commands


  • Fixed an issue where animation controller events defined in the default state would get skipped if the controller immediately transitioned to another state (This is a versioned change that will only be applied for animation controllers starting at format_version 1.18.10)


  • Order of function calls triggered by /execute inside a function are now consistent (MCPE-111849)
  • Added /loot command with spawn loot overload


  • JumpToBlockGoal can no longer be used when the mob is in water

Experimental Features

GameTest Framework


  • World
    • Added blockBreak and blockPlace events, which are called when a player breaks or places a block in the world
  • BlockExplodeEvent
    • Renamed destroyedBlock to block
  • Player
    • Added method startItemCooldown(itemCategory : string, durationTicks : int) – Starts or resets a cooldown on an item category (e.g., ender_pearl) for the given duration in ticks
    • Added method getItemCooldown(itemCategory : string) – Returns the remaining duration in ticks that this player has of the given item category. If no cooldown is present, returns 0.
  • ItemCooldownComponent
    • Added ItemCooldownComponent (item.getComponent(“minecraft:cooldown”))
    • Read-only property cooldownCategory : string – Represents the cooldown category of this item.
    • Read-only property cooldownTicks : int – Represents the cooldown time in ticks for this item if cooldown is enabled
    • method startCooldown(player : Player) – Starts or resets a cooldown for this item on the given player if cooldown is enabled for this item
  • ItemType
    • Removed getName method and added read-only property .id


  • Test
    • Added gameMode: GameModeparameter to spawnSimulatedPlayer method
  • SimulatedPlayer
    • Renamed destroyBlockto breakBlock
    • Renamed stopDestroyingBlockto stopBreakingBlock
    • Removed selectSlot method
    • Added property selectedSlot : int – Gets or sets the currently selected hotbar slot for the player

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4415247692173

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