Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Beta NEW Preview App Expansion

31st January 2022
Bedrock News
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Minecraft have announced “Minecraft Preview” which is a new system for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta program. For years players have struggled to Join/leave Beta and even when they’re in the program struggled to get out of it – For months players have requested a new system which has finally been confirmed.

What is Minecraft Preview?

Minecraft Preview is an evolution of the Bedrock Beta program. While our Betas are currently limited to Xbox, Windows, and Android, Minecraft Preview will let us expand to additional platforms. Minecraft Preview is also a separate app/game that you can play without impacting your standard Bedrock experience, and it will let you test out the latest and greatest features. Also with Minecraft Preview you will no longer have to choose to play on a Beta or the released version – you can play both on the same device or console!

What platforms are Minecraft Preview available on?

Minecraft Preview is coming to several of our Bedrock platforms, starting with iOS and Windows 10 and 11.

Is Minecraft Preview coming to other platforms?

We’re working diligently to bring Minecraft Preview to additional platforms. This FAQ will be updated the moment there is more information to share.

Is Minecraft Beta still available?

The Minecraft Beta is still currently available on Xbox, Windows, and Android. On Xbox and Windows, the existing Beta program will have some overlap with Minecraft Preview prior to the existing Beta programs being retired.

What does it look like when players move from Beta to Preview?

Installing Minecraft Preview will be a bit different on each platform. Let’s cover the first three that will be releasing:

  • On iOS you can opt into Minecraft Preview by going to a specific URL and signing up. Spots are limited but will open intermittently.
  • On Xbox and Windows Minecraft Preview will be given for free to anyone who owns the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It will automatically show up in your Games & Apps library as a new item that is ready to install!

Do Xbox Game Pass players get to participate in Minecraft Preview?

 Yes. Minecraft Preview will be added to Game Pass for Xbox and Windows later this year.

Is Minecraft Preview available in the Minecraft Launcher?

Minecraft Preview is planned to be added to the Minecraft Launcher later this year.

What happened to the Minecraft Beta?

It will ultimately be replaced by Minecraft Preview. The Beta has been a great way for us to get feedback on our upcoming features, but Minecraft Preview will allow us to grow and improve the Beta program in a more robust manner.

Can Minecraft Worlds be imported into Minecraft Preview?

This feature is not available at this time, but it is something we are looking to add in the future.

Where can I give feedback and report bugs?

Our process for bugs and feedback will not be changing – please continue to report all bugs at bugs.mojang.com and submit feedback to feedback.minecraft.net. Please search for existing issues before creating a new thread.

What features aren’t available in Minecraft Preview?

  • Cross-platform multiplayer
  • Marketplace (only on some platforms)
  • Realms / Featured Servers
  • Achievements

source: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4423653831821

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