20th April 2022
Bedrock News
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Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta: 

  • Beta Version: | Preview Version:
  • While the version numbers between Preview and Beta are different, there is no difference in game content
  • These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
  • Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at aka.ms/PreviewFAQ
  • The beta is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions 

Here’s a list of what is new in this week’s Beta! As always, please search and report any bugs you may find at bugs.mojang.com and send us your feedback.

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Added new music for The Wild Update
  • Frogs now use all hurt sounds (MCPE-152629)
  • Froglights now have the correct breaking sound (MCPE-153943)

Ancient Cities

  • Soul Lanterns no longer generate on air blocks in Ancient Cities (MCPE-153586)
  • The City Center structure now forms a complete rectangle of Reinforced Deepslate (MCPE-153567)
  • Added Echo Shards to the Ancient City loot chests
  • Updated Ancient City structures to match Java


  • Warden now has a Sonic Boom attack that deals ranged damage and knockback to the target it strikes
  • Warden no longer “sniffs” while it has a target
  • Prevent the Warden from digging down if it sniffs a target
  • Warden can now be pushed by other mobs
  • Warden now gets angry at all mobs that bump into it (MCPE-153839)
  • Fixed a crash when swapping between game modes when attacking the Warden
  • Warden now gives correct amount of XP (MCPE-153564)


  • Allay interact tooltip now says “Give item to Allay” (MCPE-153035)


  • Wither can’t destroy Reinforced Deepslate anymore (MCPE-153542)
  • Ender Dragon can’t destroy Reinforced Deepslate anymore (MCPE-153545)
  • Reinforced Deepslate has been moved to the Nature tab in Creative Inventory (MCPE-153543)

Mud Brick Block

  • Mud Brick Stairs/Slabs/Walls are now grouped properly (MCPE-153719)


  • Fixed game crash when using the Material Reducer (Education Edition feature)
  • Fixed Light Blocks being destroyable from within while underwater (MCPE-148393)
  • Fixed issue with experience gained when taking item from incorrect slot while using Furnace (MCPE-152227)
  • Allow Mangrove Roots and Propagules to be compostable (MCPE-153782MCPE-153912
  • Allow most plants and saplings to be placeable on Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots. This includes all Flowers, Saplings, Bamboo, Sugar Canes, Big Dripleaf, and Sweet Berry Bushes (MCPE-153916)
  • Allow Mangrove Roots to generate through Snow Layers (MCPE-153913)
  • Tadpoles can now be tempted with Slimeballs

Touch Control Settings

  • Static Joystick toggle no longer gets disabled upon Move Joystick toggles getting disabled (MCPE-153201)


  • Updated Boat and Chest Boat item icon textures to make them consistent with Java Edition (MCPE-153353)



  • Illagers are now allowed to migrate to other villages and progress raids (MCPE-151310)

Technical Updates


  • Fixed an issue that caused weights to not be used for Music

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface to add read-only scoreboard support
  • World
    • scoreboard : Scoreboard – Access world’s scoreboard
  • Entity
    • scoreboard : ScoreboardIdentity – Access the entities scoreboard identity
  • Scoreboard – Object representing the scoreboard data
    • getObjective(objectiveId : String) : ScoreboardObjective – Method to get a specific objective (by id)
    • getObjectives : ScoreboardObjective[] – Method to get all objectives
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] – Method to get all scoreboard identities
  • ScoreboardObjective – Object representing a scoreboard objective
    • id : String – (read-only) scoreboard identifier
    • displayName : String – (read-only) scoreboard display name
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] – Method to get all objective participant identities
    • getScores : ScoreboardScoreInfo[] – Method to get the score info for all participants
    • getScore(participant : ScoreboardIdentity) : Int – Method to get the score value of a participant
  • ScoreboardIdentity – Object representing a scoreboard participant
    • type : ScoreboardIdentityType – (read-only) enum representing the type of identity
    • id : Int – (read-only) Unique identifier for the identity
    • displayName : String – (read-only) display name for the identity
    • getEntity : ScriptActor – get the ScriptActor handle associated with the identity
  • ScoreboardIdentityType – Enum representing identity types : .Entity – An entity .FakePlayer – A fake identity .Player – A player
  • ScoreboardScoreInfo – Score-Identity pair for an objective
    • participant : ScoreboardIdentity – (read-only) The participant
    • score : Int – (read-only) The score

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/5661892666253

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