11th January 2023
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Posted: 11 January, 2023

Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta: 

  • These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
  • Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at aka.ms/PreviewFAQ
  • The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions

Here’s a list of what is new in this week’s Minecraft Preview and Beta! Remember to send us all your feedback at aka.ms/MC120Feedback and report any bugs to bugs.mojang.com.

Experimental Features

Hanging Sign

  • Placing a Hanging Sign under an axis-aligned Hanging Sign with V-shaped chains will now result in a Hanging Sign with double chains, if the player is not sneaking

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug causing players to not wake up when teleported while sleeping (MCPE-162346)


  • Fixed an issue where the “Inception” achievement would not be awarded


  • The UI no longer flickers on Android when the keyboard pops up (MCPE-142356)
  • Highlight selection no longer highlights entire card for transparent objects like saplings
  • V-sync settings are properly configured in options (non-ARM devices) (MCPE-110006)
  • Resource packs will now be applied to the worlds after navigating to another screen before creation
  • Fixed an issue where some resource packs prompted the user with an error after being downloaded

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed a potential crash when gliding through an End Gateway
  • The game no longer crashes when killing an entity with invalid conditions, functions, or pools entries in its loot table (MCPE-164623)

Vanilla Parity

  • Levers now produce the same sound effect as Stone Buttons (MCPE-163335)

Touch Controls

  • Fixed the stack splitting feature in non-touch mode

Technical Updates


  • Fix text being slightly off-centered to the left for Furnace, Blast Furnace, and Smoker Screen UIs (MCPE-151597)

User Interface

  • Resource packs will now be applied to the world after navigating to another screen before creation
  • Fixed an issue where some resource packs prompted an error after being downloaded

Experimental Technical Features


  • RawMessage
    • Changed the signature of property withfrom (string[] | RawMessage)[]?  to (string[] | RawMessage)?
  • EntityHealthComponent
    • Fixed a bug where health could be modified on dead entities (MCPE-130687)
  • Scoreboard
    • Added setScore(ScoreboardObjective, ScoreboardIdentity, Number)
    • Added getScore(ScoreboardObjective, ScoreboardIdentity)
  • ScoreboardObjective
    • Added setScore(ScoreboardIdentity, Number)
    • Added getScore(ScoreboardIdentity)
    • Added removeParticipant(ScoreboardIdentity)
  • ScoreboardIdentity
    • Added setScore(ScoreboardObjective, Number)
    • Added getScore(ScoreboardObjective)
    • Added removeFromObjective(ScoreboardObjective)


  • Reverted an experimental change to animation controller command deferral within the “Upcoming Creator Features” experiment


  • Release BlockPlacementFilterComponent outside of experimental toggle in JSON formats 1.19.60 and higher

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/12150896518669-Minecraft-Beta-Preview-1-19-60-26

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