Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta & Preview

14th June 2023
Bedrock News
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Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta:

  • These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
  • Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at aka.ms/PreviewFAQ
  • The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions.

A new Minecraft Preview and Beta update is here, more tweaks and changes to improve your gameplay experience! Please continue to send us your feedback and bug reports, they are much appreciated! Here’s an overview of what’s in the update:

Experimental Features

Recipe Unlocking

  • We tested having a notification that informed you about new ways of creating recipes you’ve already unlocked. It didn’t feel helpful. Do you know how many ways there are to make sticks?! Yeah, a lot. We are removing this version of the unlocking notification
  • Spectator mode is for spectating. Not unlocking recipes! With this fix recipes won’t unlock when you’re in spectator mode (MCPE-171073)
  • Unlocking a new recipe no longer sets the inventory toggle option to be “All”. The craftable toggle will now reliably stay the way you left it

Sneak and Crawl

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to automatically sneak while on ladders (MCPE-166569)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck at the top of a ladder when sneaking (MCPE-171022)
  • Crawling head rotation no longer follows camera rotation directly (MCPE-170838)
  • Fixed an issue where Swift Sneak did not increase Crawling speed (MCPE-170885)
  • Fixed an issue where legacy Crawling was not working correctly with the Sneak and Crawl toggle turned off
  • Fixed an issue where mobs did not have the correct collision box when spawning (MCPE-170983)
  • Short Sneaking has now been ‘de-experimentified’ and is available during normal gameplay
  • Crawling animation is no longer triggered while gliding below blocks (MCPE-170889)
  • Players can now be forced into sneak/crawl state while flying

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Fixed player capes not properly flapping when moving forward but looking sideways (fixed for real this time!) (MCPE-153446)
  • Reduce cases where players might see ‘Unable to connect’ errors due to ‘Expired Auth from Discovery’ (MCPE-170814)
  • Fixed issues with unresponsive or laggy input when using Mouse together with a Controller (MCPE-167447)

Mouse Input

  • Improved handling of simultaneous mouse clicks, triggering each individual associated action/response


  • Text-to-speech narrator will now say “Slash button” when hovering over the “/” button in the chat screen
  • Default chat duration now set to 10 seconds while default toast notification duration remains at 3 seconds
  • Text-to-speech Narrator now reads item names when selecting items in the hotbar


  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to switch mounts without first manually dismounting (MCPE-170894)


  • Pumpkin, Carved Pumpkin and Lit Pumpkin “minecraft:cardinal_direction” state string is now accepted during a world update
  • Mushrooms are now able to spawn on fallen tree trunks (MCPE-138333)
  • Conduit now has the correct lighting when placed on ground (MCPE-169732)


  • Recipe for crafting barrels with sticks is removed (MCPE-170848)
  • Entities no longer continue to freeze without Powder Snow if there is a Powder Snow block near the west & north side (MCPE-169453)

Chiseled Bookshelf

  • The correct sound effect is now played when removing an enchanted Book from Chiseled Bookshelf (MCPE-168119)
  • Chiseled Bookshelf slot interactions are now symmetrical (MCPE-164801)


  • Boats retain the ability to carry passengers when upgraded to Trails and Tales (MCPE-169772)
    • Boats that were affected by this bug can once again carry passengers

User Interface

  • Cursor no longer snaps to a random inventory slot using a controller (MCPE-171203)
  • Horse and Donkey jump bar, and camel dash bar, now scale properly to experience bar (MCPE-156444)


  • /time querycommand will now return the correct day and time of day when the absolute time is negative

Technical Updates

Dedicated Server

  • Fixed invalid entries in allowlist.json causing crash (BDS-18133)

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • Actually fixed the bug that caused player capes to stop flapping when moving forward but looking sideways in the query.cape_flap_amount by switching the rotation used from the player’s looking rotation to the player’s body rotation (MCPE-153446)
  • Observer blocks use state “minecraft:facing_direction” instead of “facing_direction”. “minecraft:facing_direction” uses string values (“down”, “up”, “north”, “south”, “east”, “west”)


  • Custom entities are no longer restricted to overriding Vanilla entities released before 1.20. All Vanilla entities can be used in the “identifier” or “runtime_identifier” field, including Camel and Sniffer.


  • Released the “minecraft:shooter” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Released the “minecraft:throwable” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Released the “minecraft:projectile” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Released the “minecraft:can_destroy_in_creative” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Released the “minecraft:hover_text_color” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher


The Editor is in early development, and available for keyboard/mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview builds. Learn how to use the Editor and join the GitHub Discussion forum, post bugs, view more detailed release notes. Tag us on social channels with #BedrockEditor.

  • Fixed a bug where error messages related to initial script loading were not being displayed in the log panel
  • /scriptEvent command can now be used in the editor without the need to enable the Beta APIs experiments
  • Fixed a bug where the viewport scaling was not working correctly on devices that use D3D11

Experimental Technical Updates


  • Dynamic Property identifiers are now limited to 1024 characters.
  • Removed MinecraftEffectTypes defined in @minecraft/server. See @minecraft/vanilla-data NPM package for an equivalent.

Moved several APIs to stable 1.30:

  • Moving tryTeleport(location: Vector3, duration: number, options: ScriptTeleportOptions)to 3.0
  • Moving teleport(location: Vector3, options: ScriptTeleportOptions)to 3.0
  • Moved function getComponentto 3.0
  • Moved world event PlayerJoinAfterEventto 3.0
  • Moved world event PlayerLeaveAfterEventto 3.0
  • Moved world event PlayerSpawnAfterEventto 3.0
  • Moved EntityComponent EntityHealableComponentto 3.0
  • Moved EntityComponent EntityHealthComponentto 3.0
  • Moved class FeedItemto 3.0
  • Moved class FeedItemEffectto 3.0
  • Moving addEffect(effectType: string | EffectType, duration: number, options: EntityEffectOptions)to 3.0
  • Moved getEffect(effectType: string | EffectType)to 3.0
  • Moved getEffectsto 3.0
  • Moved removeEffect(effectType: string | EffectType)to 3.0
  • AfterEvents
    • Moving ButtonPushEventto 3.0
    • Moving LeverActivateEventto 3.0
  • Moved function spawnEntityto 3.0
  • Moved function spawnItemto 3.0

Spawn Point Updates:

  • Removed function clearSpawn
  • Removed property spawnDimension
  • Added function getSpawnPoint: DimensionLocation | undefined– Returns the player’s spawn point
  • Added function setSpawnPoint(spawnPoint?: DimensionLocation): void– Sets the player’s spawn point, or clears it if spawnPoint is undefined
  • Renamed function getDefaultSpawnPositionto getDefaultSpawnLocation
  • Renamed function setDefaultSpawnto setDefaultSpawnLocation
  • DimensionLocation
    • Added new interface DimensionLocation– Represents a location in a dimension
  • Added hasParticipantfunction to ScoreboardObjective.
  • The following functions in ScoreboardObjectivecan now accept Entity or string types as participants:
    • getScore
    • setScore
    • removeParticipant
  • Removed getScoresetScorefrom ScoreboardIdentity and Scoreboard.

Removed the removeFromObjective function from ScoreboardIdentity.

  • Fixed bug where scoreboard values would not be updated on the client when updated from script.
  • Raycasting
    • Changed function getBlockFromRay
      • Changed return type from Blockto BlockRaycastHit | undefined
    • Changed function getEntitiesFromRay
      • Changed return type from Entity[]to EntityRaycastHit[]
    • Changed function getBlockFromViewDirection
      • Changed return type from Blockto BlockRaycastHit | undefined
    • Changed function getEntitiesFromViewDirection
      • Changed return type from Entity[]to EntityRaycastHit[]
    • Added interface BlockRaycastHit
    • Added interface EntityRaycastHit
  • Renamed leverActivate after event to leverAction
    • Removed class EntityHitAfterEvent.
    • Added class EntityHitBlockAfterEvent
    • Added class EntityHitEntityAfterEvent
    • Class WorldAfterEvents
      • Removed property entityHit
      • Added property entityHitBlock
      • Added property entityHitEntity
    • Added helper function isValidto several classes in order to check if the object is valid. This can safely be used on any handle to a native object before accessing or using the object, to ensure the underlying object still exists and is valid to use.
      • Block (checks the block is a valid position in bounds and the containing chunk is loaded & ticking)
      • Container (checks the relevent container inventory exists and is valid)
      • Effect (checks the owning entity is valid and the effect exists on that entity)
      • ScreenDisplay (checks the owning player is valid)
      • ScoreboardObjective (checks the objective entry exists and is attached to a valid scoreboard)
      • Entity (checks that the entity exists in the world. Will return true if the entity is dead)
        • Player
        • SimulatedPlayer (Note simulated players do not automatically get removed from the world, so isValidwill return true long after they are dead)
      • ContainerSlot (checks the item context is valid: Container exists in the world, such as the owning entity, and the slot is within the container bounds)
        • Already existed as a readonly property, changed to a method for consistency
      • Component
        • EntityAttributeComponent (checks the owning entity is valid and the attribute exists on the entity)
        • BlockLiquidContainerComponent (checks block exists and is a valid cauldron type)
          • Added read only method isValidLiquidwhich checks if the liquid in the cauldron matches the component in question (EG. BlockLavaContainerComponent checks for lava liquid)
        • EntityComponent (checks the owning entity exists)
        • ItemComponent (checks the owning item exists)
  • World
  • Renamed getTimeto getTimeOfDay.
  • Renamed setTimeto setTimeOfDay.
  • setTimeOfDaynow accepts a TimeOfDay enum as an argument.
  • The timeOfDayargument for setTime must now be within 0-23999 (inclusive).
  • Added getDay

Updated the following enums’ values to be PascalCase instead of camelCase:

  • ClipboardMirrorAxis
  • ClipboardRotation
  • HttpRequestMethod
  • FormCancelationReason
  • Direction
  • DisplaySlotId
  • EntityLifetimeState
  • FluidType
  • ObjectiveSortOrder
  • ScoreboardIdentityType
  • ScriptEventSource
  • SignSide
  • WatchdogTerminateReason
  • WeatherType 

Experimental Cameras

  • Camera preset JSON now supports an optional bool ‘player_effects’ value which causes game rendering to use player effect state (for example night vision) when this preset is active. Added the “example:example_player_effects” preset to demonstrate this
  • Camera command can now take a ‘facing’ option instead of a ‘rot’ option with a target entity or position specified
  • Fixed custom cameras to not use the ‘inside block’ effect when player head is inside a block (MCPE-170206)


  • Deprecate “minecraft:render_offsets” component in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Changed charging action behavior in “minecraft:shooter” to match Vanilla crossbow Changed shooting behavior for a charged “minecraft:shooter” with an empty inventory/offhand to successfully shoot the charged ammunition

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/16744110942349

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