Minecraft Bedrock 1.21.2 (Hotfix)

9th July 2024
Bedrock News
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Posted: 9th July, 2024

A new hotfix is now available to address some of the top issues that have been encountered since the 1.21 update.


Features and Bug Fixes

Ominous Trial Spawner

  • Mobs spawned by Ominous Trial Spawners now drop items they picked up (MCPE-182630

Ominous Vault

  • Rare loot now has 80% chance of dropping, instead of 20% (MCPE-180654

Trial Spawner

  • Fixed issue with Trial Spawners not ejecting loot in older worlds (MCPE-182758)

Experimental Features


  • Added UIManager class and uiManager object to @minecraft/server-ui beta

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/28105668043661-Minecraft-1-21-2-Bedrock

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