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Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Now On Android Devices

Big things are coming to the Minecraft Earth closed beta! We’re rolling out the red carpet for new developments on the Minecraft Earth closed beta! First of all, a big earthy welcome to our Android players, who can join in on the fun as we roll out this next phase of the closed beta. This… Read more »

Minecraft Dungeons BETA Sign Up!

In case you don’t know Minecraft Dungeons is Mojang new ip that is coming early next year to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass in spring 2020. The game is currently playable for anyone who is attending Gamescom 2019! (Germany) or those who can’t attend don’t worry a BETA is coming… Read more »


A new engine and a new way to experience Minecraft! Minecraft is on so many platforms, and the great thing about that is that it opens up so many fun possibilities about how we can change the experience for each one. We added touch controls when we developed the mobile version, put you ​inside ​Minecraft… Read more »

UPDATE: Custom Java Edition snapshot to test new combat mechanics (version 2)

Hey again! Here’s an update on the test snapshots for combat mechanics. It’s pretty much the same as the previous test, but there are a number of edits that I’ll describe below, and a few clarifications. Old post here, with nearly 5,000 comments: These are the edits in this version: Decreased attack speed of swords… Read more »

Minecraft Playstation 4 Bedrock Leaks & Informaiton

There has been alot of speculation over the past few weeks about Minecraft Bedrock (iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox & Switch) version making it’s way to the PS4 community. Now although non of the information we share today is confirmed, it’s a great indication that sooner all later PS4 players will join the better together… Read more »


London and Seattle are now live! Remember that time when you asked when Minecraft Earth would be available to play in closed beta? And how we answered that a lucky few would be able to play before summer is even over? Well, that answer wasn’t some mean-spirited practical joke! We didn’t slyly refer to the summer of… Read more »