Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock 1.12 fully Release!

12th July 2019
Bedrock News
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Increased the frequency and volume of the ambient mob sounds made during raids, to make them easier to locate
Added new Wandering Trader sounds (MCPE-41191)
Updated the main menu splash text
Updated the default main menu panorama from Aquatic to Village & Pillage
The “Store” button on the main menu has been renamed to “Marketplace”
Realm owners can now set relevant permissions for players invited to their Realm
Default settings can be set for all new members entering a Realm
The owner can set permissions for an invited player to either visitor, member or operator
When resetting a world, or uploading a new world, already set permissions stay in place


Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on some Windows 10 devices
Fixed a crash that could occur when certain interactive blocks are loading in when joining a Realm (e.g. beds, chests, furnaces)
Fixed a crash that could occur when switching players on Xbox One
Fixed a crash that could occur when engaging in a fight with an Elder Guardian in an Ocean Monument
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the game
Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing an Egg or Snowball (MCPE-40435)
Fixed a crash that could occur when trading with a Villager
Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing a trident with Loyalty enchantment
Fixed a crash that could occur on Nintendo Switch when the game was saving or loading (MCPE-45862)
Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch that could occur when suspending and resuming the game
Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game
Fixed a crash that could occur when signing into Xbox Live
Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing a skin on first launch of the game
Fixed a Marketplace issue that could result in the game getting stuck or crashing when loading in items
Fixed a crash that could occur when the game was checking for previously downloaded content


Made further performance improvements when opening inventory screens (MCPE-27167)
Made several performance improvements related to various UI screens and interactions
Significantly reduced bandwidth usage by allowing the client to reuse chunks it has already seen
Improved chunk loading performance in multiplayer
Improved performance around new villages and villager job sites
Several other performance improvements, included some related to mob AI pathfinding
Frosted ice blocks no longer drops performance while they’re melting (MCPE-39698)
Endermen teleporting particles no longer cause consistent performance drops, especially during boss fights
Reduced the amount of memory required to load textures
Cached resource packs no longer decrease performance on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-36976)


Removed an unnecessary Xbox Live sign-in notification
Fixed an issue where consuming the last item in a stack to unlock an achievement could cause the achievement not to unlock
The Haggler achievement once again unlocks when requirements are met
The Zombie Doctor achievement now unlocks when curing a zombie villager (MCPE-46271)
Marketplace resource packs are now immediately applied after downloading in the world edit menu (MCPE-33121)
Player permissions now apply correctly when more than one operator tries to adjust them
Made improvements to roaming skins, which should apply correctly after reloading or reinstalling the game and signing in
Custom skins are now applied correctly without needing to restart the game to see them (On compatible platforms) (MCPE-37926, MCPE-45476)
Skins equipped from the ‘Recent’ section are once again applied when selected
World settings now sync correctly between different Xbox One devices
Resource packs are now applied correctly after downloading through the world or global settings
Newly purchased Realms are now always visible after finalizing the purchase
Fixed an issue that would show an error message when attempting to renew a Realm subscription on Xbox One (REALMS-1686)


Fixed several related issues with End Gateway portals. These should now teleport the player to the correct safe location when used (MCPE-19699, MCPE-43176, MCPE-43177)
Villager trading now properly takes away items from the second slot, when applicable (MCPE-45506)
Only players who fought in a raid now receive the Hero of the Village effect in Realms
The Bad Omen effect is now only received when killing an Illager Captain, not when dealing non-fatal damage with a bow or potion
Players no longer see through the world when clipping into blocks after leaving a boat (MCPE-42593)
You can now interact with blocks while holding a charged crossbow on touch devices
Players no longer clip through walls when transitioning from swimming to standing in water
Players that are being healed can now still be knocked back by TNT. Did I say that right?
Arrows that are shot into blocks keep their position when reloading the world
Area of Effect clouds no longer try to spawn excessive numbers of particles when time of day is changed (MCPE-39595)


Corrected the position of leads on Wolves
Tamed cats no longer slide around while sitting (MCPE-44491)
Fixed the missing Taiga Zombie Villager skin
Fixed a z-fighting texture issue on some Villager skins
Dyed leather horse armour colour no longer effects other horse armour (MCPE-43230)
Vindicators can now path correctly over carpet during raids
The Wither no longer plays its spawning animation when reloading a world (MCPE-32415)
Mobs will no longer path-find over Brewing Stands
Added a sound to indicate when a villager does not want to trade (Like during a raid)
Illager Captains now drop banners correctly even if the world is reloaded
Mobs will now spawn on double slabs (MCPE-30765)
Fixed the sitting model for cats that were previously tamed ocelots (MCPE-41929)
Fixed missing zombie villager sounds (MCPE-43329)
V2 zombie villagers now have the correct name in death messages instead of a placeholder name (MCPE-45932)
Mobs no longer get stuck when pathfinding on ladders (MCPE-43034)
Evokers no longer move too fast when moving towards villages in raids
Mobs no longer spawn inside leaves during raids
Villagers that are actively trading with players will no longer run and hide when the raid bell rings
Clerics now correctly pathfind to their job sites
Tamed tuxedo cats now use the proper texture (MCPE-43527)
Stray cats can no longer claim beds in villages for worlds converted from version 1.10 (MCPE-44299)
The ghast spinning model in monster spawners is now the correct size
Fixed wandering trader podzol and coral trades
Fletchers now trade 16 arrows instead of 5
Changed the cost of butcher’s cooked rabbit trade
Leatherworker’s saddle trade is lowered from 10 to 6 emeralds
Removed the sand trade from the wandering trader and adjusted the cost of a diamond hoe from tool smith villagers
Iron Golems no longer run to the world center after their village is destroyed (MCPE-45509)
Villagers without professions now follow regular schedules and will actually sleep, which they deeply need
Fixed the creeper model in some Marketplace maps
Converting a normal Pillager to a Captain with tag commands now displays the banner correctly


Fixed various scenarios where certain blocks couldn’t be placed until the game was restarted
Frosted ice blocks can now be broken (MCPE-41256)
Fixed Sea Grass texture brightness (MCPE-34795)
Bamboo leaves are now lighter (MCPE-42635)
Flowing lava once again turns into cobblestone when hit by water (MCPE-43990)
Red sandstone stairs now have correct textures on all sides (MCPE-20677)
Players no longer lose villager job site locations if they replace a job site block that is tied to an experienced villager
Village job site blocks now have consistent sound volume levels when used by players
Scaffolding can no longer be placed on Conduit blocks
The Bell now swings towards a player when it is hit (MCPE-42469)
Note Block particles now correctly correspond to the notes played
The grindstone now correctly combines and repairs two damaged items
Farmland now has the correct side and bottom textures (MCPE-42746)
Smokers now have the correct bottom texture (MCPE-43944)
Fixed door and trapdoor textures (MCPE-43173)
Cocoa beans now break and drop when pushed by pistons (MCPE-41868)
Slabs and other non-solid blocks once again prevent grass from growing on dirt (MCPE-42975)
Flowing water is no longer left behind after flowing over string (MCPE-36343)
Bells now ring when hit with splash and lingering potions
Composter growth particles now appear in the correct location
Blocks can once again be placed on unlit Redstone Ore (MCPE-44305)
Fixed animated textures for flowing lava and water on several texture packs

World Generation

Fixed a bug on dedicated servers and Realms which could cause the wrong block types to generate in the world
Tweaked the number of job sites that generate in villages

Read More: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en…-12-0-Bedrock-

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