Minecraft Bedrock Realms Plus Now Available

3rd December 2019
Bedrock News
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During Minecon 2019 the Minecraft team announced a soon to be released “Minecraft Realms Plus” This is a huge update/change to Minecraft Bedrock Realms – Realms plus brings bedrock realms a little closer to how Java realms work. Realms plus includes access to 50+ marketplace content such as maps, skins, addons and more.

Minecraft Realms Plus does not cost more than previously the same pricing (subject to change on devices or location) as what your realm is costing now.

Realms Plus Benefits

  • Access to a catalogue of 50+ marketplace Packs
  • Your own personal Realm server
  • Friends to play for free in your realm
  • secure cloud storage
  • Play on any device with the Minecraft Marketplace
  • Support the Minecraft community
  • Free 1-Month Trail period
  • Content includes Skin packs, New visuals for your worlds, Popular content packs, Mash-up packs


Subscribe to Realms Plus and get instant access to:

  • Mineville High School Roleplay
  • Aquatic Life
  • CampCraft
  • Love Dropper
  • Chroma Hills HD
  • Juliette’s Manor
  • Isles of Aeria
  • Horror House
  • Extreme Sky Block
  • Tiny Footprints Texture Pack
  • Pet Pack
  • BOO!
  • Stranded in Space
  • Mine Zoo
  • HeroFair
  • Foodies
  • One Chunk Challenge
  • Ultimate Minigame Rush
  • City Builder Mash-up
  • Dr. Splice’s Lab Escape
  • Relics of the Skies
  • Restaurant Sim: Head Chef
  • Cops and Robbers – Roleplay
  • Dwarven Mining Company
  • Adventures in FoxFang Ridge
  • Cyber Space Team Pack
  • Blitz Build
  • Alien Worlds Texture Pack
  • A Nightmare in Candyworld
  • River Fortress
  • Extreme Monster Trucks
  • Birthstones
  • Captain Crook’s Cove
  • Fun with Fractals
  • Giant’s Hideaway
  • Halloween Hootenanny
  • Honey Hill Farm
  • Infinity Plumber
  • Kimonos!
  • Merlin’s Magical Motel
  • Lucha Libra
  • Mines & Magic
  • Monsters vs. Robots
  • Mummy Valley
  • Obsidian Alley
  • Pandas & Friends
  • Pressure Point Battle Games
  • Random Skies: Temple of Tunes
  • Soccer Fever
  • Space Craft
  • Super! Dreamland
  • Tropical Vacation
  • Urban Misfits Skin Pack
  • Winter Wonderland

Realms plus content will change Monthly but you’ll only have access to realms plus if you buy the 10+ realm (2 player realms are still purchasable)


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