Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Creator Tools & Realms Plus

29th September 2019
Minecraft News
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We showcased some of the amazing tools the Minecraft community has created with scripting in the Bedrock Engine-powered version of Minecraft. Like the Editor Stick, used to edit things in-game (like, for example, rotating an already placed sign, or making crops fully grown!), is an amazing add-on that was created using scripting by Mineplex.

We’re constantly blown away with the creativity of the community and what you’ve managed to do with these scripting tools, which is why we were thrilled to announce Data-Driven Player Rendering. Players will be able to use these new scripting tools to completely replace what a player looks like in the game. Previously you could use skins to change textures on a player, but with this feature, creators will now be able to replace the animations, particle effects or add custom render effects to the players in-game!

Data-Driven Player Rendering will be available to players in a future update.


Minecraft Realms is our monthly subscription service that lets up to 10 friends play Minecraft together in the safety of your own online realm. Sure, it’s pretty good… but what if we massively expanded it, all for the same price? With Realms Plus, you still get access to a 10-player Realm for you and your friends, but you’ll also receive more than 50 pieces of content from the Minecraft Marketplace, at no extra cost! We’ll be adding new Marketplace content to your Realms Plus subscription every month, and we’ll have more details to share about this soon.

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