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This resource pack hides Marketplace clutter from the game's menus. If you're annoyed by the constant advertisements on the main menu, this pack is for you.

This pack still allows you to access and use previously purchased worlds, realms, skin packs, skin pieces, resource packs, and mash-up packs. They can all be found in the normal locations.

Please, please understand that this pack is not an attack on anyone at Mojang or Microsoft. It's not an attack on Bedrock Edition, either. It's also — and I want to stress this part — not an attack on Marketplace creators. They make some of the coolest stuff out there, and the Marketplace allows them to do it for a living. This pack just serves people who want it out of their face.

Full Modification List

Start Screen:

  • Removed Marketplace button

Pause Screen:

  • Removed Marketplace and server store buttons

Worlds List:

  • Removed Create on Realms Server button

Create World Screen:

  • Removed Marketplace and Realms Plus world template lists
  • Removed "Create on Realms Server" button


  • All Screens: Removed "New" and "Sale!" tags
  • All Screens: Removed home, search, and Minecoin purchase buttons
  • Content Screen: Removed "Purchase" and "In Realms Plus" buttons
  • Content Screen: Removed sale timer
  • Content Screen: Removed links to other Marketplace content
  • Inventory Screen: Removed "Subscriptions" toggle
  • Inventory Screen: Removed RTX, Realms Plus, sale, price, and Minecoin widgets


  • All Screens: Removed bottom and top advertisements
  • All Screens: Removed purchase and Realms Plus buttons
  • Character Creator Screen: Removed part rarities
  • Character Creator Screen: Removed new, sale, timer, Minecoin, and free download widgets
  • Classic Skins Screen: Removed "Get More" drop-down and section
  • Classic Skins Screen: Removed pack cover image
  • Classic Skins Screen: Removed Realms Plus widgets

Profile Screen:

  • Removed bottom advertisements

Settings Screen:

  • Removed "Subscriptions" tab

Resource Packs Screen:

  • Removed "Get More Packs" drop-down and section
  • Removed "View Marketplace" button

How to Play Screen:

  • Removed Marketplace button and section

All purchase buttons and links to other Marketplace content are removed, so if a server sends you directly to a Marketplace purchase screen, you still won't be able to buy anything.

Keep in mind that at any time, you can navigate to the Global Resources tab in Settings to disable the pack and return the Marketplace to your game. Nothing is permanently changed when you use this resource pack.

You'll never have to think about the Marketplace again!

Changelog - The Compatibility Update (4.0.0)

Released September 30, 2021

  • Rewrote all UI code to be more compatible with future updates

World Screen:

  • Removed "Create on Realms Server" button

World Templates Screen:

  • Removed Realms Plus world template list

Pause Screen:

  • Removed the "Marketplace" button

Skin Editor Screen:

  • Removed the "Get More" drop-down
  • Restored pack information below the skin name
  • Restored "View in Store" button on skin packs

Marketplace Content Screen:

  • Removed Purchase and In Realms Plus buttons
  • Removed sale timer
  • Removed links to other Marketplace content
  • Restored the owned packs button at the top of the screen

Marketplace Inventory Screen:

  • Removed "Subscriptions" toggle
  • Removed RTX, Realms Plus, sale, price, and Minecoin widgets


  • Updated UI code to match the latest version
  • Loading Screen: Marketplace-related loading messages are now actually removed
  • World Templates Screen: Imported and owned world templates are now properly visible
  • Skin Editor Screen: Removed now-outdated changes related to the color picker
  • Marketplace Inventory Screen: Owned world templates, resource packs, skin packs, and mash-up packs can now be viewed in the store
  • Removed all text changes and most direct texture replacements to allow better compatibility with other resource packs


  • Update titles in the Changelog no longer have "the" capitalized
  • Update release dates in the Changelog no longer use "th", "st", "nd", or "rd" after the day
  • Added a Feature List text document that lists every change made by the pack
  • Changed pack description to reflect the goal of the current version
  • Changed pack UUID to be compatible with earlier versions of this pack
  • Updated pack version to 4.0.0

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