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MCPE/Bedrock Broke A 16x MCPE PvP Pack

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Broke A 16x MCPE PvP Pack

Have you ever wanted a texture pack that works for PvP, but can also be used in regular survival? Well, I’ve got something special for you! Introducing Broke 16x! It has the advantages of a PvP texture pack, such as low fire, clear inventory, and short swords so PvP wont be a problem. However, every custom texture is good to the eyes and haven’t been changed much; perfect for survival! 


I have taken inspiration from other texture packs such as Wisp’s Break, Tight’s Tight-fault, and etc. Go and support them!

 A General Screenshot of How the Texture Pack Will Look.

 Short Swords for Better Visibility.

 Clear Inventory to be Alerted of an Incoming Threat.


(Food and miscellaneous))









Changed the layout of the information given in the pictures.



To download, scroll down until you found the 'Downloads' section and press the green 'Direct Link' button and enjoy! Download Instructions (To support me)

First, click on the link

Then, wait for at least 5 seconds and press skip ad.

After that, wait for at least 30 seconds

Enjoy! Use the link to support me!




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