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MCPE/Bedrock Cornbread's Texture Fixer - Open Alpha 1

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Cornbread's Texture Fixer - Open Alpha 1


Minecraft's textures are great, but over the years, the little bits of rough unpolished-ness start to pile up. This pack aims to make the game just generally look less broken by adding and tweaking textures to things that aren't quite as great as they could be. Especially that XP bar.


  • Hotbar renders at full opacity like on Java and Legacy Console.
  • Left and right ends of the hotbar no longer have weird opacity issues.
  • Item stack count is layered above the selected slot like on Java and Legacy Console.
  • Selected slot outline no longer becomes transparent when selecting the left- or right-most sides of the hotbar.
  • XP bar uses its texture from Java Edition and no longer changes size when changing to or from touch controls.
  • Level number uses an outline like on Java Edition instead of a dropshadow.
  • The color of the level number is more accurate to Java Edition.
  • Hovering over an item in the inventory looks more similar to Java and Legacy Console.**
  • The selection area and highlight for the output slot in the Cartography Table is full size like other menus.
  • The texture for the number of levels needed to enchant an item with an Enchantment Table no longer moves up and down when the button becomes selectable or unselectable.
  • The sides of the texture for selecting an item with touch controls are no longer transparent.
  • Items that are part of a Villager trade are pixel-size-consitent with other items.*
  • Campfire smoke fades out, similar to Java Edition.
  • Anvils, Cakes, Campfires, Enchantment Tables, End Rods, Lightning Rods, Dirt Paths, Lanterns, and Soul Lanterns no longer have visible transparent and black seams.
  • Polished slabs have proper side textures.
  • Crafting Tables, Cartography Tables, Fletching Tables, Beehives, and Melons now have proper bottom textures.*
  • Tops and bottoms of Sandstone Walls no longer use the side texture.*
  • Stone, Bedrock, and the sides of Deepslate have their variants from Java Edition.**
  • Deepslate Ores have proper top and bottom textures.
  • Clay, Terracotta, Stained Terracotta, Obsidian, and Crying Obsidian no longer rotate their textures.
  • Concrete Powder rotates its texture similar to Java Edition.**
  • Blackstone Walls, Stairs, and Slabs use the correct texture on the top and bottom.
  • Nether Bricks have had their textures shifted up by a pixel to be more consistent with regular Bricks, Planks, and other similar textures.
  • The particles for Item Frames and Glow Item Frames show Birch Planks instead of that weird, black border.
  • The backs of Observers no longer have irrelevent pixels change when activated.
  • The trim on the inside of Pistons is properly visible like on Java and Legacy Console.
  • Pistons no longer have visible white seams.
  • Pistons use the correct texture when held.
  • The tops of Grass Blocks are the same color as the sides when held.
  • The sides of Grass Blocks are the same color as the top, regardless of the biome, and transition smoothly between biomes.
  • Grass Blocks no longer have irrelevent pixels change when changing to or from Snowy Grass Blocks.
  • Dirt no longer rotates when changing to or from Farmland, Grass Blocks, Podzol, Coarse Dirt, Mycellium, Etc.
  • Netherrack no longer rotates when changing to or from Nylium.
  • Flint-tipped Arrows.**
  • The anti-aliasing on White Bed items has been improved.
  • Candle Cakes use the same texture as regular Cakes in the command auto-fill menu.
  • The bottoms of Blaze Rods are the correct color.
  • Map backgrounds are pixel-size-consistent with map contents.
  • Explosions use their texture from Java Edition (which is pixel-size-consistent with most other things).
  • The Achievements button is no longer needlessly higher contrast than the buttons around it.
  • Steve has the missing pixel of their hair back.


  • made the pack
  • uploaded the pack
  • fulfilled arbitrary word minimums


  • Download and run the MCPack file.
  • Alternatively, download and extract the ZIP file, and then place the result into your resource pack folder.

creator: Cornbread~💜

Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2023 8:23 pm