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MCPE/Bedrock Slightly Different Texture Pack  

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Slightly Different Texture Pack

Ever wanted to re-texture Minecraft, but not fully? Ever wanted to have some better looking mobs? Well you’re at the right place! This texture pack gives a different feeling to your world while not using as much space as most texture packs. This can also make a great texture pack for your survival world.


Most stone type blocks in Minecraft usually are in some form of grey. This somewhat fixes that!  Cobblestone’s color is changed to more of a limestone type look. And yes, this also includes mossy cobblestone. Granite, diorite, and andesite were changed too for more variety to their current textures. Snow looks a lot more plain white. Ice is more clear. Gold and diamond blocks now have separate textures. Glowstone looks more polished. Iron blocks look more silver than white, And a few other cool changes were made to some blocks’ textures.

Blocks in their other forms.

More block examples.


This texture pack doesn’t do to much to mob and only changes a few of the mobs. For example, the witch looks a lot more different from a villager and definitely looks like a more unique mob. The spider, has a bit scarier texture and looks like it has green venom on it. The guardian is more detailed, the slime’s face is darker, the cow looks more like one you’d see in the real life, and the wolf has some black fur mixed in and blue eyes.

creator: Pizzamania


Posted : 01/04/2020 8:21 pm