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Vanilla DX UI v3.0.2 [for v1.20.70]

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Warning: If you are using mobile device, make sure to set “File Storage Location” to “External” before importing this resource pack, otherwise, your save data may be lost in case the game future updates break modified UI data.

And please, be sure to read carefully this post before downloading and using this resource pack, thank you!


Vanilla DX UI:

Before "Modified Vanilla" and "Vanilla enhanced". Is a resource pack that would improve UI and other assets.

Actually, is a testing TP made since fall 2016, oriented to port menus and container/inventory GUI textures from Java Edition to Bedrock Edition more easily and efficient! At the moment there are 3 types:

Desktop UI:

Convert base game interface to Java Edition interface style! Of course, not all screens were modified, but I will add more in future versions!

Mixed UI (Coming Soon):

It is the improved version of the HUD UI and inventory containers still with base game style, with the small combination of Java Edition and Legacy Console Edition parts.

PvP UI (and Mixed version) (Coming Soon):

The same between Mixed UI and Java UI, but the UI design is mainly based on JE 1.8, the version most used to play PvP servers. Now has clear Chat BG and Scoreboard BG without red score numbers.



  • JE UI designs with 75% accurate.
  • Some GUI textures ported to Bedrock Edition.
  • UI customization by “ui/_global_variables.json”.

Note: Some UI data assets may change in future updates, so, stay tuned!


What’s new in v3.0:

  • New UI file and texture system, new GUI assets based on JE v1.20.2 and v1.20.5 snapshot.
  • Added modified “Crafter” for Redstone inventory screen.
  • Added support for customize touch controls.
  • Some important bug fixes.
  • More design accuracy!


Upcoming features for future versions:

  • Compatibility for other projects.
  • Depending on the amount of “support”, maybe I will bring back about modified Dressing Room and Persona screens.


Supported Languages:

  • English (en_US and en_UK).
  • Spanish (es_MX and es_ES).
  • Japanese (ja_JP).
  • Korean (ko_KR).
  • Portuguese (pt_BR and pt_PT).
  • Chinese (zh_CN and zh_TW).

More full languages support is coming in near future updates.




Know Issues:

  • Not all modified screens are fully compatible with the use of gamepad/controller.
  • Some screens take a long time to load, something like Settings Screen, Play Screen, and it is because it contains so many objects in UI data.
  • When using a 3rd party add-on with new custom items. The creative search tab icon will be changed. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this.
  • And unfortunately, since the “Ore UI” (new UI engine) appeared for the “Create World” and “Achievements” screens, it is now impossible to modify it using resource packs. So please, don’t ask me that it’s impossible!
  • And speaking of this, “You Died!” screen, there is an option where you can disable “Ore UI” mode for this screen, it is the only one way that will exist for now.
  • In order to prevent errors while customizing touch controls, I have disabled the HUD visibility while inventory or another screen are open… But still, you can re-enable by reviewing “ui/_globall_variables.json”.


Terms of Use:

You may:

  • Make review about this pack, as long as you credit me as “@CrisXolt”. And put original download link in description (This MCBedrock Community Forum post, NO Mediafire direct download links).

You may not:

  • Make customized APK/APPX and monetized content (pirate modifications), no one will have the permission.
  • Use my modified JSON and UIDX data files claiming this work as your, without permission of course. Specially do not modify/erase the text in the first line code in each .json file. (Example text: //File Made/Modified by @CrisXolt or “Some people who contributed”).
  • Redistribute this resource pack made by me in another pages/app store, no one will have the permission.
  • Do not use for third-party projects, much less to merge with "Concept Clients" resource packs, no one will have the permission.


For texture pack porters, if you are going to use PvP UI in order to port PvP 1.8 GUI with ease, or if you are going to use Mixed UI in order to port Java Edition containers with bedrock design, you can use it, but please use it fairly to avoid trouble. 😉


If you have any more questions about this, please let me know by sending a message on discord server: CrisXolt's Refuge.


Download Links:

April 2, v3.0.2 (Revised)

Main Pack: For v1.20.70.


Alternatives: For v1.20.70.




Change Log (detailed):

v3.0.2 [21 March 2024] (1.20.70)


  • Mixed UI will now be implemented as a separate pack.



  • Unfortunately, "You died!" screen will automatically be removed permanently because the new Ore UI version will be implemented in BE v1.20.80.



  • Play:
    • Fixed a bug where the panel content offset was incorrect in Minecraft Realms.
  • Progress:
    • Change the size of loading percentage square in order to match the JE v1.20.5 snapshot.
    • Change the layout of the online warning screen to match the JE v1.20.5 snapshot.

Changes from v3.0.1.

  • HUD:
    • Height limit texts now appear as action bar text instead of chat messages, thanks @agentms_ :D!
  • Progress:
    • Fixed a bug where progress_popup was not appearing as expected when joining a server.



Special Thanks:

AgentMindStorm, ZouChenyunfei, LupasPAH, Hawf-Human, and abc555 for custom JSON UI data assets!


Final Note:

Those default JSON UI data and JE UI designs is made originally by Mojang and Microsoft, UI design re-make as JSON UI data are modified by me for entertainment purposes.

Just enjoy and good luck! ;D

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When you open the crafting table on Xbox , it starts glitching in a weird way. It looks like there is 5 crafting tables open at once.

Please fix this, I was playing with friends when we saw this.

Posted : 30/11/2019 4:12 am
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Sorry to annoy you, but on Android when you play in your world you can't see the button to open the inventory! Please fix it!


Have a good day! 😀


OS: MIUI based on Android 10.

MCPE version: 1.17.10

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Please make so when you die it doesn't say You died! but it will say You Died! like its in Java Edition

Posted : 17/07/2022 8:17 am
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When I download it I import it to minecraft education edition and it says failed to import

Posted : 28/03/2023 10:48 pm
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@sooyaaa__  Ele fez isso para que fique mais parecido com Java edition, é uma aquisição e não um erro

Posted : 02/07/2023 6:23 pm
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