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MCPE/Bedrock Modern Redstone texture pack 32px

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Modern Redstone texture pack 32px


Texture pack that aims to give the redstone a more understandable and modern look to the elements that you use in your everyday automation in Minecraft. Take the next sci-fi customization for your world or a hint of modern design.

- repeater with signal level

- comparators with labels for additive or subtractive mode

- new dispenser and droppers

- noteblock and jukebox changes

- directional hoppers

- directional observer on all sides

- a lot of animated textures, feels more alive

- evident ores with stylish design, no bright fake borders. Texture variations

All my texture have a sci-fi looks with attention to the basic blocks the items are crafted.


Perfect to give a new futuristic look to redstone components or just to spice up your world with new animated custom blocks.

  • tested on new version of Minecraft with all functionality
  • hoppers don't light up in 1.20


It's simple, just activate the resource pack no needs of extra activation on experimental features


Topic starter Posted : 03/08/2023 11:00 pm