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MCPE/Bedrock MultiPixel Texture Pack

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MultiPixel Texture Pack


MultiPixel is an HD texture pack with new 32x textures that you've never seen before! It's great if you like to improve the look in Minecraft, while keeping the vanilla styling.

Pack Creator: Zou Chenyunfei, All Rights Reserved. 

Twitter  @ZouChenyunfei 

Pack Official Twitter: @MultiPixelHD

Discord: Welcome to MultiPixel channel! ( )

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MultiPixel Texture Pack for Minecraft. Making an HD world for you!

32x32 Resolution for All textures!



  1. Open Global Resources in Settings
  2. Single Click the MultiPixel Pack
  3. Click Spanners Icon
  4. Select the Subpack
  5. Exit Settings Screen 

Original Subpack: Original Bedrock HD.

Bedrock Subpack: Improved Bedrock HD.

Java Subpack: Added lots of features from Java Edition, like animations, UIs, particles and more.

Fancy Subpack: Added lots of features from Java Edition, Dungeons, Legends and Earth.


You must activate @CrisXolt 's VDX UI Pack to use with it. Choose which VDX Pack you use in subpack.




Known Bug

If you hold a huge item in your hand when using MultiPixel, this is a game bug.

I made a pack called Huge Item Fixer Pack, which fixed most huge items caused by the game bug, but except snowballs and arrows snowballs and arrows for the duplicate identifier.

So please vote for the bug in this page:



Added new images from new version of Minecraft.

Added LOTS OF features in Java Subpack & Fancy Subpack.

Added Huge Item Fixer Pack.


  1. Download MultiPixel Texture Pack
  2. Delete old version of MultiPixel.
  3. Open it by Minecraft.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Resolution Setting > Choose Aspect you like.(Java Subpack & Fancy Subpack 1.18+ Only)
  5. Apply the resource pack.
  6. Reset Minecraft.
  7. Enjoy It!


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