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MCPE/Bedrock El Calabozo

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El Calabozo


In this world you will embark on an epic adventure in a labyrinth, full of all kinds of challenges, enemies and traps. To pass it is not only to find the end of the labyrinth, but you must find the 12 discs around the dungeon, to be able to face a horde of villains and save the planet, so take your things and get ready traveler, the adventure is about to begin.



Here you will take the role of an adventurer, who will have to save the world from the evil “hhmms”, who with the power of the legendary Ender crystal plan to revive the Ender dragon, and you must avoid that, you must prevent them from having that artifact in their possession.


And to get there it will not be an easy task, they have protected the crystal in the depths of a large dungeon, and the key to access it is with Ender’s eye, they made a portal to hide it, and it is in the same labyrinth, and It is not just finding it, you must find the 12 discs scattered throughout the labyrinth, to open the 12 doors that block the entrance to the portal, and to activate it you must place the 12 discs on the pedestals to activate the portal and steal the key.



But getting there will not be easy, and it will be much more difficult to find the 12 discs, these are scattered throughout the map, some will be at the end of rooms with challenges and traps, and others will be hidden in the shadows and in plain sight.


Also danger and death lurks around every corner, there are enemies and traps everywhere so you have to take care of yourself.



But you will be supported with objects and equipment every time better to be able to advance in your journey, such as food, spells, armor and weapons, and from time to time you will find secrets, which will benefit you a lot in your adventure, they can hide unique equipment, spells powerful, etc.


so prepare very well, take your things and go on an adventure!

creator: Baruch Velasco Avila


add more installation details, add a link to the file and translate it to make it easier to read


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