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MCPE/Bedrock The Sphere (Solo/Duo/Trio)

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The Sphere (Solo/Duo/Trio)

Welcome to "The Sphere"
Its my first adventure map, so i hope you enjoy it.

About the creation:
Me and my friends played some maps that were broken or too short.
So i challenged myself to build an adventure map in less than 1 day, and that's what they got.
I focussed on working puzzles, so i didn't spent very much work into the design or a story, i hope you enjoy it anyways.
It is made for 1-3 Players, there are no additional mods or texture packs inside.

I would be happy about some feedback 😀

And please excuse if my English is too bad xD





You are in a room, dont know where you are or where you´re coming from. The only thing you know, is, that something strange is going on with this place, and the origin of this is hiding. Will you find the way through its obstacles and escape that place?

In this map you have to pass up to 11 stages. They include Parkours, Puzzles and Mazes.
The solo/duo mode skips the first 3 Rooms, because they are Cooperative Puzzles, that can only be solved by 3 Players.
For the trio mode: The 2 Groups, who test played this map, have shown me, that it´s important to keep in communication, remind that.

I think the stages aren't too difficult, but in case that you need it anyways, you will also find a guide right at the beginning, that helps you to solve the puzzles.

There are also some specials hidden on this map, keep an eye up to find them ^^


Added XP to write on paper

Repaired the map by adding missing blocks 

creator: MSO Soneor

Topic starter Posted : 20/04/2021 2:53 pm