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MCPE/Bedrock Long Live The King [Technoblade Statue Tribute] (Creation)

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Long Live The King [Technoblade Statue Tribute] (Creation)


As he was an icon to all of us, I created this statue as tribute to the man who made me want to do content creation in the first place, that touched the hearts and lives of many people. This statue is made in remembrance of Alex, aka Technoblade, the King of Minecraft



Each of the little stone platforms has a trophy based around something he accomplished in his life, From getting world records, to beating Minecraft hardcore with a steering wheel.
Feel free to share this map with others, This map is for everyone to enjoy. Let me know what you think down below! Everything was custom built either by hand or thru command blocks.
This map took me roughly 8 hours and a bunch of command blocks to complete, and is a tribute to the King
This map features trophies of various achievements of his, custom terrain, a fully 5 block:1 Pixel scale model of Technoblade's skin, holding the Kings Sword and the Reapers Scythe (Meant to signify his PvP skill and his Potato War)
I consider this the largest technoblade statue probably ever in Minecraft, as it stands almost 165 blocks tall, and almost 50 blocks long (with the sword and scythe included) This statue is MASSIVE, as the title of the stream does say

I created this map Live on my YouTube channel, so if you'd like to, you can support me by going and checking it out. No obligation to subscribe if you don't want, But feel free to if you'd like to see anything else I may build in the future!
Link to the stream where I built it:
This map was created in tribute of Technoblade, not as a way to milk for content or farm subscribers or views. This was created out of respect for the man who made me want to continue playing Minecraft for so long.

This map works in 1.18.12 thru the newest version, so those of you on the old versions to avoid Render Dragon can use Shaders on this map too!

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