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MCPE/Bedrock Marvis City 6.0 (Fix Update)

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Marvis City 6.0 (Fix Update)


Welcome to Marvis City, a massive and very big city that made by Marvandrew for you to explore. This city has everything to explore and everything that the city needs, from tall skyscrapers to cool neighbourhoods. You can do roleplay in Marvis City. Come and explore the Marvis City! 

This city has everything. There is skyscrapers, buildings, houses, shops, bakery, cell towers, amusement park, an Ikea, NASCAR, Statue of Liberty and other statues, offices, stadium, apartments, library, hospitals, museums, parks,a rural village, hotels, a palaces, a university, and much more that you can see in actual Minecraft cities today. 

This city has 3 major parts. Each of them has a description. 


1. The main parts of Marvis City

This part has so much structures like shops, buildings, skyscrapers,hotels, banks, offices, apartments, houses, and more that you can explore. 

Here's the screenshots:
















2. Federama City

This part is a small city where you can see some structures like buildings, skyscrapers, houses, shops, hotels, offices, a Japanese palace, a Woodland Mansion, and more to explore. 

Here's the screenshots:






3. Ocean Marvis


This part will coming in update 4.0 but there hsmas some structures like, buildings, skyscraper, offices, a Statue of Liberty, a NASCAR and more. This part will expand in the mext update. 

Here's the screenshots. 













Thank you so much for downloading my map!

This is the final update of Marvis City!

Thats it. Goodbye. 


The 6.0 update was made in 105 days with the help of structure blocks and Buildings for Minecraft PE. 

Have a nice tour and thanks for downloading. 




Fix Update! 

In this update, I fix some parts of the city like making some parts flat, filling all the gaps in the city and adding walls to the city so it could be clean as much as possible. Thats it. 




Just install it and play 

Only playable in 1.17.0 and above. 

creator: Marvandrew

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