Painting in Minecra...

Painting in Minecraft Bedrock  

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Painting in minecraft bedrock

Creator: @Abood_Enaya

How it works:


You use your body as a brush; you first choose the brush that's second from the top, then you choose size of the brush you want from the far right. Then, you choose your colour you want to paint with.
If it lags when you use your body to paint, or you want a way that may be easier, use the Touch option, then you could draw using your hand by breaking the canvas.

You can use the Fill Bucket to either fill the whole canvas with the colour, or to just fill the empty parts of it.


If you want to erase, choose the Eraser an use it like you would with the brush.

You can also pressthe Clear (C) button to clear the whole canvas


After you finish a painting, you can save it from the right side of the canvas.
You can have up to 10 saves.

If you browse and then save a new painting, it will overwrite the last painting you browsed.


Download .mcworld
Download .zip

Posted : 26/03/2018 10:25 am
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Screenshots ?

Posted : 26/03/2018 10:27 am