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LeGend's Better UI

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LeGend's Better UI - It is a UI which makes the MCBE in-game UI better! It adds additional buttons, shortcuts and have choices between them! It is dark themed to support eyes! It is not compatible with any UI pack but can be used with texture packs. It has panel toggles.- Extra Buttons and toggles is only for mobile players- PC players can have 'some' features including UI Texture. - Join my discord server for the early access packs and the one I'm currently making!



Better UI - 




F1 and F8 Button with a setting button to toggle them on or off.




RGB Coordinates.



Added Drop Item Buttons - Warning: Use Classic UI for drop buttons not Pocket.


Inventory Screen: 


Small Chest, Large Chest, Shulker Box, Ender Chest, Barrel Screen:




Added Quick FOV and Perspective Changer: Go in settings and boom!



Added V-Sync to Video Settings:




With Two Options in Subpacks - Vanilla UI and Customized UI

Vanilla UI: Get the classic Minecraft UI!




Customized UI: Get the Dark Themed Pack UI!





Don't Forget to restart after switching between subpacks.

CREDITS:  This pack is made by LeGend077 . Thanks to MrPug for the knowledge he gave me.

Don't Steal my Content. It is my hard work learning JSON-UI
Mention the Creator and this link if showcasing.

Note: This pack is not stolen from any other packs like this.


To install this UI Pack:

1. Download the pack.

2. Click on it and it will open in MC.

3. Switch between Sub-packs and You're Done!


Download .mcpack

Discord Server

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