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MCPE/Bedrock Crossbow and Bow to 3d Weapon V3

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Crossbow and Bow to 3d Weapon V3

Are you bored with the basic bow and crossbow texture? If yes this texture is for you, i change the texture into 3d weapon, crossbow to Sniper and bow to AR. This pack are very compatible for PVP!! Not only that, i also change a pillager and vindicator texture a little. And there is a bonus armor texture for you, i hope you like it. And now i updated this pack, added new 3d flamethrower and added more 3d bow texture using subpacks


This texture pack using subpacks file for bow (crossbow and pillager/vindicator included) so you can choose your favourite gun easier. And now all of the gun have their own gun shot.

 The texture pack contains:

  • (8) 3d Bow
  • 3d Crossbow
  • Pillager
  • Vindicator
  • Iron Armor (Combat Armor)


  • 3d Flint and steel
  1. Golden AR

First person 

Third person 

2. Tactical AR

First person 

Its now changed to simple war gun

Third person 



First person 

Third person 

4. Aug A3 Golden

First person 

Third person 

More Image

5. Vector

First Person

Third Person

6. Sniper

First PErson

7. P90 

First Person 

8. AR TOY 

Third Person 

Sorry for no 3rd person view because there are some missing files

2. Crossbow (Sniper)

First person 


Third person 

Crossbow (Double Barreled Shotgun)

First person

Third Person

3. Pillager and Vindicator

Same like original but with a mask and diffrent colour


Custom Iron armor textures (Combat Armor) 

Front view

Uses in game view

More images 


3D Flamethrower (Separated)

Third person 

First person 

This texture replace flint and steel texture, inspired from elon musk's flamethrower hhe... Pretty cool right? 

How to change the texture? 

This pack using subpack so you dont need to reinstall to change the texture. 

Tap the gear after install it to your world

Choose your favourite 3d gun as bow! 


I already tested this pack, so if you see a warning its just a glitch nothing will happened so don't worry, because there is no error list, its just i wrong to put the version in manifest.. nothing to worry.

Now all of the gun have a gunshot sound, some of them have their own sound, That's it, I hope you like my 3d models and armor texture and maybe, 


What i should download?

all the pack are same the different is the crossbow texture, if you download "sniper" you will get 3D Sniper as crossbow.. and if you download "shotgun" you will get 3D Shotgun as crossbow



-added more detailed changelog so may allow me to bump this post

-added new 5 guns as bow texture!!

-added new shotgun model for crossbow

-retextured and remodelled ar tactical gun

-added new iron armor texture for pvp 🙂 (combat armor)

-separated 2 pack, sniper pack and shotgun pack, both of them are same the different is sniper pack contains 3d sniper as crossbow and shotgun pack contain 3d shotgun as crossbow


Im using linkvertise

  1. Tap "free access with ads" 
  2. Tap "read article to continue"
  3. Wait 5 second 
  4. Tap continue 
  5. Download the mcpack and open it with your minecraft


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