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MCPE/Bedrock Crosshairs By Drakonx

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Crosshairs By Drakonx

Hello! Its me again (Drakonx) and this is my latest pack!! This pack adds 4 different crosshairs (More soon) that show in ALL perspectives, not just first person! This feature is in many popular java clients and java 1.7 and now bedrock, enjoy!

  • Drakonx

As said above, this pack adds 4 crosshairs that all work in third person:

  • Default Crosshair (Normal vanilla cross)
  • Godbridge Crosshair (Triangle crosshair used for alignment in bridging methods)
  • Dotted Circle (Circle crosshair with a dot in the middle, popular pvp design)
  • Dotted Default (Default cross with a dot in the middle, similar to pvp design used in Snowfault By Keno And Looshy)

Example of crosshairs in-game:


Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2021 4:38 pm