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MCPE/Bedrock Achievement Map All 122 Super Easy & Fast (1.19)

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Achievement Map All 122 Super Easy & Fast (1.19)


This map will help you to get all your achievements on Minecraft bedrock super quickly!, you can have all the achievements in the game, tested for PC and Mobile updated on Dec the 23


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Created, tested, and maintained by sokor

Important information

Stay in survival with cheats off, and ensure difficulty is not set to peaceful

on to the rest of the content

I added every single achievement in the game that's currently out


so the way the map works, on the left side is where you get the description of the achievement and the achievement name, on the right side is where you complete the achievement

something as basic as this achievement

Taking Inventory

which you get just by Open your inventory

and this achievement

Getting Wood

which you get just by Punch a tree until a block of wood pops out

all the way to

The Beginning

 you get by Kill the Wither

it's extremely hard for the Wither to kill you in the armor and you can one-shot him with the weapon

 Wax on, Wax off

 you get by Apply and Remove Wax from all the Copper blocks

and it's not a flat world so you can also get all the biomes achievements 

like these achievements easy and fast

Hot tourist destination


Sail the 7 Seas

Adventuring Time

Star Trader

Feels Like Home

Caves & Cliffs

Sound of Music

even the new achievements

with our powers combined!

It Spreads

Sneak 100

Birthday Song

and so much more


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  1. Choose one of the options to Download
  2. if you're on PC just Download the .mcworld version
  3. if you're on mobile just Download the .zip version
  4. for more information on how to download and install them go to



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