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MCPE/Bedrock APEX Legends - Firing Range

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APEX Legends - Firing Range

Firing Range with exclusive Minecraft weapons. Test the weapon's behavior and learn to use them most effectively against dummies and real threats. Adapted from Apex Legends with new 3d design on the stable version of Minecraft Bedrock.

This Firing Range, located in Apex Legend's "King's Canyon", provides a set of features that may appear in the Minecraft adaption in the universe of Apex Legends and Titanfall.


The main feature are custom guns. Test accuracy, range, damage, recoil and attachents on dummies and targets. To disable movement aim drift, deactivate the video setting "View Bobbing".

The following Weapons are available:

  • Eva-8 (Shotgun) 
  • Charge Rifle (Laser gun) 
  • Bocek Compound Bow (Bow)
  • G7 Scout (Rifle)
  • Hemlok (Burst AR) 
  • Kraber (Sniper)
  • Longbow (Sniper)
  • R-99 (SMG)
  • R-301 (AR) 
  • Spitfire (LMG)
  • VK Flatline (AR)

The following Attachments are available:

  • 1x-3x Sniper Scope
  • Laser Sight



A new practice-mode is available: Zombie Night. Place one Heatshield to protect yourself from the damaging zone and defend your squad with guns and Gas Traps against aggressive dummies. Survive 'till dawn.

You can change the difficulty with in-game-settings (easy-normal-hard)! 


  • Lock yourself into building(s) and block doors with Gas Traps
  • Use shield cells rather than medkits (use duration)

Default dummies display the damage dealt to them. Their health defaults to "100" when spawned, and can be increased to "150"/"200" (Body Shield stats) by interacting with them (like entering a minecart e.c.). 

This map serves as an excellent way to optimize content for final gameplay maps. Feedback is appreciated. 



Everything in this map is designed for a large-scale game recreation that is in development. Maybe it will result in a Titan-battle or PvEnvironment map, who knows... The current state of progress can be found outside the Firing Range.

Most locations at Kings Canyon are not finished!

Thank you for every video ❤


creator: DeathlyTroll

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