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MCPE/Bedrock Aqua-living Underwater Water Facility 1.0

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Aqua-living Underwater Water Facility 1.0

CashCorporations Presents The Aqualiving Facility

Live in and explore a stunning underwater facility. There are sleeping chambers, cafe. armory and more+!

Enjoy your luxury secret vault, and lair. Enjoy the pristine map with friends or by yourself.  You can make it your base of operations in a survival world or RP with others.  Get your keycard and guide then go to the welcome center to start exploring!


 Welcome To the CashCoporations underground facility! Explore the many domes alone or with a friend!

At the welcome center, you will find buttons to use if you don't wish to walk around the facility. Return buttons are located around the map. 

Previews of  Featured Rooms


The Eco-Center! ^ A stunning garden and nature room to grow food to live off in the CashCorporations facility! 

The Welcome center ^.  Features Teleport buttons, SECRET VAULT, and Help desk. 

*SPOILER* OPEN THE LECTERN- ON THE FAR LEFT OF BUTTONS-- AND SCROLL TO THE NEXT PAGE TO OPEN THE VAULT THEN BACK TO PAGE 1 TO CLOSE!! The jump boost exiting the vault is a bit buggy and you might have to  out of the area then back into it for it to work. The Vault is in the tables!

The Armory - A place to gear up and exit to fight the water creatures OR Enemies 

Secret Lair- This is located in the floor of the sleeping quarters and has a keycard access chemistry room- use the lever in the sleeping quarters to open

Here is a preview of the vault corridor! Located under the welcome center


Remember there are more rooms to explore! Have a fun time!

**This is our first-ever map upload , please comment any issues you find in the download process or the map itself*



Removed LinkVertise due to domain issue - 5/14

Added Direct Download links Via Mediafire - 5/14


  1. Click on the Download link for your platform
  2. Press the download button on Mediafire and enjoy!
  3. If you are unsure how to download the map to your device and playing  I would recommend watching a guide on youtube!


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