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MCPE/Bedrock Caveblock v1.0  

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Caveblock v1.0

Sick of Skyblock? Want to try another exciting survival challenge? Then try Caveblock! Caveblock is basically the opposite of Skyblock, as it is an underground survival experience, instead of a sky/void survival experience. 

You can find structures in this underground world in order to gather more materials and survive, these structures include:
– Hostile Mob Dungeons

– Passive Mob Spawners

– Mineshafts

– Custom Caves

– Underground Villages

– The Stronghold

and more…!

You start off in a 3×3 Cave Area; with only a Wooden Pickaxe and 32 sticks.The aim of the game is to get as much good stuff as possible from using the resources that this underground world offers you! It is also possible to get to the nether due to lava and water pools and you can also find the stronghold to battle the dragon.

This map has many structures to explore, including:
Hostile Mob Dungeons

Passive Mob Spawners


Custom Caves

Underground Villages

Granite Village:

Diorite Village:

Stronghold Room

Passive Mob Spawners you can Currently Find:

– Chicken

– Cow

– Pig

Hostile Mob Dungeons you can Currently Find:

– Zombie

– Spider

– Skeleton

– Pillager

– Cave Spider (in mineshafts)

Custom Caves you can Currently Find:
– Creeper Cave


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Map Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS)


Additional Notes:

  • This map is multiplayer compatible – all players who play on the map will be able to receive a free wooden pickaxe for example.
  • Future updates will introduce more spawners, dungeons, structures and custom caves, etc.
  • We hope you enjoy the map, please leave any criticism and ideas in the comments below!



1. Down the file using the mediafire link .

2. Open the downloaded file for the world to automatically install into the game!





Posted : 30/03/2020 4:56 pm