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MCPE/Bedrock Demon Slayer Map (W.I.P)

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Demon Slayer Map (W.I.P)


So I've been working on this map for a couple weeks now and just yesterday which was 5/22/2022 i added a kind of demo of final selection which took 2 1/2 hours and i felt like I've done enough where i can just post it for people to have fun with. and here is my YT where i post my progress and other stupid/random stuff. Jasgamer - YouTube

So basically this map is i would say around 5% done and i have a lot to do like adding missions and a story sadly with command blocks which takes a long time but the reason i made this map was really just because i was bored and I just recorded me building it and then it kind of turned into a need for me to see what this could become and now I'm actually making a map with the intent of finishing it and remember everything in this version is subject to change because i feel like i can do better so after i finish the map completely, I'm going to release a version with extra stuff like Easter eggs around the map. So here is an image of final selection which you can think of as a like training ground for when you first start and the actual story version of final selection will be like 10x this size. oh and I'm going to publish a version with a lower quality texture pack so if you have a low end device the map will run smoothly with little to no lag hopefully. So what you do in this map is very simple and straight forward right now, you will see 2 buttons when you spawn 1 for the story and one for final selection. The story button does not work right now and will only work after i build everything and set up all the commands leaving the final selection button. When you click the button you will be taken to a path that leads into final selection which you need to talk to the person Infront of the entrance to get into final selection where you have to kill demons and survive, you can die but like.....who wants to right!?


This is when you enter final selection ^

Killing demons in final selection^


 Thank you Frogdog for letting me use his addon, his channel is linked here - Frogdog - YouTube 

He is currently reworking the addon completely and its going to be insane so go subscribe to him for all the hard work he has done with this addon.

and here is a video of the current version of the map 




Added Urokodakis House, Finished Final selection update so you cant access it from spawn anymore, I've been making updates but it hasn't been posted so if it finally does that's what changed.


So if you do the direct download you will be taken to my discord where I have the link to the map, If you click the normal download you will be taken to linkvertise, so first wait 5 seconds to click the X then on the other thing you click an article then click the X and you will be taken to Mediafire where you can download the map. Hope you guys enjoy and ill have a published update once a month, if you want to see like weekly progress the subscribe to my Youtube channel linked at the top or the link near the downloads to see all my progress, Hope you guys enjoy! and pls report any bugs you find maybe with commands or anything like that. 

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