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MCPE/Bedrock Jurassic Spawn

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Jurassic Spawn

This world is kitted out with an AMAZING spawn! This spawn consists of built-in spawn protection and a random teleporter! This world is ideal for Smp's or survival servers of any kind!


This world includes:

-Nicely designed spawn

This spawn is very nice with its little jungle theme.

-Random teleporter to spread players

This random teleporter will spread players up to 10 thousand blocks away. 

-Spawn protection

Spawn protection includes mining fatigue in the spawn area only. Players will not have items on them due to it being a spawn of course!

-Settings you need to keep:

-Fall damage must be off (If you did not change fall damage you have nothing to worry about)

-Cheats on

-Command blocks on

-Respawn radius 0

How to change random teleporter distance:

If 10 thousand blocks doesn’t suit you then simply dig straight down on the gold block until you reach a command block. Select the command block and change the number 10000 to whatever number you want it to go out to! I also provided an image showing which numbers you have to change.

Sharing and legal stuff:

If you want to share this you can either share the linkvertise OR link! DO NOT SHARE THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK PLEASE! Also, don't pirate my world or steal it!



-This image contains the settings and the numbers you should change if you want to change the teleport distance.

-Removed Sketchy Download (I did not realize it lol!) Thanks, admins!


How to install:

If you are unfamiliar with "linkvertise" then I will show you the steps on how to install the world.

  1. Click the link and select free access with ads in gray. (Be sure to click on the right button!)
  2. Click discover interesting articles 
  3. You do not have to read anything. Click the X once the page is open.
  4. Proceed to click the correct button. Again, Be sure to click the right button!
  5. You should be put onto Mediafire and click the blue button near the top right corner.

creator: Cmd Creeper



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