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MCPE/Bedrock Phasmophobia

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This is a project I have been working on for a while now. It was inspired by DeathlyTroll's version, but this one uses no texture packs or behavior packs. The texture packs you see in the screenshots are the ones I have in my Global Resources.



The lobby is where you spawn in and also select the map you want to play on. You can buy items and toggle versus mode as well.

(UPDATE - There is some extra details which can be parkour)

It uses item frames to replicate tapping on a white board (like the original game).

This is the shop. You can buy many things from it as long as you have enough money. To get money, you can do one of 3 things:

  1. Find out the 3 ghost traits (explained later)
  2. Make the ghost blow out a candle
  3. Stop a ghost hunt with a crucifix

The Maps

These are in order from smallest to largest.

Smol House ^^^

Log Cabin ^^^

Street House ^^^

High School ^^^

Prison ^^^


The Prison is the only one that does not use electricity. Instead it uses torches that the ghost can blow out.


The Ghost Traits

The ghost can have 3 of 6 traits:

  • EMF Level 5 (If the ghost gets close enough to an EMF Reader, the EMF Reader will say "EMF LEVEL 5 REACHED". If the ghost does not have the EMF Level 5 trait, it will say level 4 instead.)
  • Spirit Box (If the ghost gets close enough to a Spirit Box, the Spirit Box will make noises.)
  • Ghost Book (If the ghost gets close enough to a Ghost Book, the Ghost Book will light up aka give everyone around it night vision.)
  • Ghost Orb (If the ghost gets close enough to a Video Camera, you can see a Ghost Orb.)
  • Freezing Temperatures (If the ghost gets close enough to a hunter, the hunter will be able to see their breath.)
  • Fingerprints (If the ghost gets close enough to a UV Light, you can see Fingerprints.)

The ghost can also HUNT, making all hunters' lights turn off (AKA blindness)

The image above is what the ghost looks like when it is visible.

Versus Mode

In Versus Mode, a player is chosen to be the ghost, and can choose the 3 traits as they please.

This is the Versus Lobby. The Redstone Block will take you back to the main lobby. The Skeleton Skull will make whoever clicked it into the ghost. The Wither Skeleton Skull will turn a random player into the ghost. Please note that this will not work in singleplayer. If versus mode gets turned on while only one person is in the world, it will immediately say that the ghost wins.


Players also have Sanity (the ghost's sanity will not go down if they are a player). If your sanity reaches 0, your vision will become shaky.



It's a .mcworld this time around, so just download the file, and then open it using Minecraft. The world will then show up somewhere in your world list. It has been brought to my attention that this might lag a lot in multiplayer, depending on the systems used, so if you want to play with friends, please note there might be lag.

creator: TheEmeraldWeegee

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