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MCPE/Bedrock Piggy In Minecraft

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Piggy In Minecraft

Welcome to Piggy!

Piggy is an adventure horror game originally created in Roblox by the developer called MiniToon and now is being recreated in Minecraft Bedrock Edition as a horror map.

You have three maps to choose from in this world: House, Station and Gallery. To escape from these maps you will need to unlock closed doors, solve puzzles and find the main exit where to escape. However, there is an evil creature named Piggy who is after you. If you get too close to Piggy, the game will end and you will have to try again. Have fun.

These pictures down below, are showing the different locations in the world, house, station and gallery! There's also a trailer about this world that I have created, enjoy!

House - Chapter 1

Station - Chapter 2

Gallery - Chapter 3





What's been updated?

  • Added Chapter 2 (Station) in the world.
  • Added Chapter 3 (Gallery) in the world.
  • Rebuild Chapter 1 House.
  • Changed the appearance of piggy.
  • Reduced the texture pack for better performance.



Steps for downloading the map:

Once the ".mcworld" file downloads tap the item in your notifications tab

When prompted, select "Minecraft Bedrock edition"

The game will open and the world will be automatically installed.

Note: In order to launch this world, you will need to have Minecraft 1.19.83 or above.


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