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MCPE/Bedrock Run or Die

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Run or Die


This map is presented to Minecraft players who have experience in parkour, because on this map it is not allowed to stop during certain conditions, on this map there is a choice of difficulty, each difficulty has a time that the player allows to pause

When the game starts, the player must not stop from the parkour, if the player stops, it will automatically be moved to the previous check point. And if the player leaves the parkour location, the player will be automatically moved to the previous check point. at the check point you can stop there without fear of death / being moved. If in the game the player wants to exit in the game can remove the leather cap to be moved to the lobby

This map has many nice features, including=

1.has 3 parkour locations, i.e. =

  • Over World (Release)
  • Nether (Coming Soon)
  • The End (Coming Soon)

2.has 3 difficulties that can be adjusted at will

3.there is time when playing parkour and that time can determine the player's score, the smaller the score the better

4.if dropped from parkour automatically moved to the previous check point



This map is very fun to play alone or with friends


This map is still in the development stage, so continue to support mapmakers so that they can develop 









  1. Open the
  2. Follow the steps to get the map
  3. After following the step by step you will be moved to the MediaFire link
  4. if you have opened the mediafire link, please download the file and then run the file



  1. Open the
  2. If you haven't purchased a membership, please purchase it first
  3. open the mediafire link, continue to download the file
  4. run the file



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