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MCPE/Bedrock Pada's Laboratory

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Pada's Laboratory


Did you ever wanted to get better at Skywars or at Bedwars or any other PvP Gamemode? Then THIS is the map you wan’t! You can download it RIGHT NOW


This is the map you always wanted! You can train yourself with 11 different gamemodes. 

  • Enderpearl Clutch Training: You get an infinite amount of Enderpearls and Blocks so you can clutch


  • PvP Training: Train your aim and your Snowball/Egg combos against Customizable PvP Bots!


  • Bridging Speed Training: Try to get to the other island as fast as possible!


  • Block Extension Training: Take your blocks in your hand and try to survive without falling


  • Block Parkour: Go to the green side by placing maximum 2 blocks


  • Treasure Breaking: Kill the rabbit in the middle of the protection while avoiding getting hit by zombies


  • Bow Aim: Shoot the target by using your bow and arrows



  • Hotbar Switching: Select the correct item in your inventory!


  • Treasure Protecting: Protect the Treasure as fast as possible!


  • Chest Looting: Loot the chest as fast as possible! But be careful to the cobwebs...


  • NEW! Ore Mining: Mine the redstone ore while constantly moving.


If you wan’t to get more information about the map, you can also check my YouTube Video! Click here to watch it

Hope you’ll enjoy my map ;D


Added support for version 1.20.72 (compatibility issue with Minecraft Bedrock Scripting)


Install the map by clicking one of the Download buttons below.

creator: Pada iOS

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