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MCPE/Bedrock Spawn Resource Generators

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Spawn Resource Generators

You will never again be in need of all those amazing resources you crave so much! In this world you can spawn a resource generator that will allow you to have access to an unlimited supply of 48 incredibly useful blocks, including both Nether and Overworld blocks! Achievements are enabled.


This map features seed #991787511, you will spawn in a small plains biome in an open field. There will be a chest containing a few starter materials as well as 8 "Spawn Generator" spawn eggs(I included 8 in case you ever want to move to a new area). Be careful not to spawn theses next to anything important as the generator will replace any blocks it is spawned on including chests filled with items. The generator is 10x13 blocks so I recommend finding a fairly open and flat area to spawn it in for best results. The generator will spawn wherever you place it, but if it's in a weird and crowded area it may not be fun to use or as easily accessible. 

To spawn the generator simply use a "Spawn Generator" spawn egg on the ground where you wish to spawn the generator(included in starter chest, NOT in creative inventory).

Once used, the generator will appear immediately. Generator spawns are permanent unless you go to creative to remove it, so be careful where you place this.

The generator is infinite so go nuts, it will never run out.

-Resources Include-

  1. Redstone Ore                   13.Sand                                     25.Quartz Ore                            37.Bone Block
  2. Iron Ore                             14.Red Sand                             26.Nether Gold Ore                   38.Basalt 
  3. Lapis Ore                           15.Gravel                                  27.Ancient Debris                     39.Blackstone
  4. Emerald Ore                      16.Sealantern                           28.Gilded Blackstone               40.Magma Block
  5. Diamond Ore                     17.White Wool                          29.Soul Sand                              41.Oak Log
  6. Coal Ore                             18.Honey Block                        30.Obsidian                                42.Birch Log
  7. Stone                                  19.Slime Block                          31.Crying Obsidian                   43.Spruce Log
  8. Blue Ice                              20.Dried Kelp Block                  32.Glowstone                            44.Dark Oak Log
  9. Grass                                  21.Hay Block                              33.Shroomlight                          45.Acacia Log
  10. Podzol                                22.Melon Block                           34.Crimson Nylium                   46.Jungle Log      
  11. Mycelium                           23.Pumpkin                                 35.Warped Nylium                     47.Crimson Stem
  12. Clay                                    24.Jack O' Lantern                      36.Soul Soil                                48.Warped Stem


-One Player Sleep System-

The Sleep System in this word allows for a single player to sleep and skip the night with multiple players online. Simply stand on top of your bed and select the sleep option. Once it becomes night you will see the message "You May Now Sleep", and "Good Morning" when you wake up or the sun rises. NOTE: The system may not work if the player is not fully on top of their bed before selecting the sleep option.


Aside from all that, this is a normal Minecraft world, go out explore and create! Achievements are enabled.


 I hope you enjoy this map and please leave lots of helpful feedback so I can make it better if possible! 


You may share this map with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator.


If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at -  

all donations are deeply appreciated!


Follow on Twitter @ Mr_Green_Games for updates about maps and future content ideas.


Click the download and enjoy!


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